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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, MARCH 6, 2023 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has released the 2023 Census of Missouri Public Water Systems. The annual census provides detailed information regarding the volume, source water type, population, chemical characteristics and other information about Missouri’s 2,772 public water systems.

The report also includes test results for selected chemicals, along with the different types of treatment used by Missouri water systems. This information can be useful to citizens, water systems, public officials, consulting engineers and regional planners who want to learn more about a public water system.

The 2023 Census of Missouri Public Water Systems, as well as reports from previous years, is available online at The department prepares the census annually as required by Section 640.120 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

The department provides other information on Missouri’s public water systems:

For more information, contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Public Drinking Water Branch at P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176. By phone, contact Nicole Mortenson at 573-751-8526.

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