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Millard and Osceola will evaluate wastewater system improvements

JEFFERSON CITY, MO,  JAN. 20, 2023 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded a total of $85,000 in Clean Water Engineering Report Grant funding to the village of Millard ($35,000) and the city of Osceola ($50,000). Both communities will use the grants to evaluate their wastewater systems.

The grant offers funding to qualified communities to help cover engineering costs for evaluating water and wastewater system improvements. The two cities will use the grant to identify wastewater system improvements needed to meet permit requirements, continue reliable service to the area and reduce stormwater infiltration into sewer collection pipes. Millard’s facility plan should be complete in June 2024, while Osceola’s plan should be ready in July 2024. 

“Thinking creatively and finding viable solutions to infrastructure issues is becoming more crucial and this grant helps communities with wastewater systems projects that might not have been possible before,” said Dru Buntin, director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “Projects like this one will help protect public health and the environment while benefiting local economies.”

The department is committed to assisting Missouri communities with water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects. Through its Financial Assistance Center, the department provides funding opportunities for qualified communities with water quality, wastewater and drinking water infrastructure needs. This project will be funded wholly or in part with monies received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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