Jun. 26 - Jul. 27 — Statewide
Lower Osage River Ecosystem Restoration 1135 Draft Study Public Comment Period, June 26, 2024 to July 27, 2024

The department and U.S.

Area of Focus: Water
Event Type: Public Notice/ Public Comment
Organization: Water Resources Center

The department and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) partnered on a project to address severe stream bank erosion degrading aquatic habitat and threatening infrastructure on a one-mile reach of the Lower Osage River, near Brockman Springs Road in Miller County. The objective of the project is to restore degraded aquatic and riparian habitat, improve fish and wildlife biodiversity and reduce impacts to adjacent lands and infrastructure by addressing bank erosion, sedimentation and aggradation which are prevalent in the Lower Osage River.

The USACE made a preliminary determination that the proposed action would not result in significant degradation. USACE invites the public to review and offer written comments on a Draft Integrated Feasibility Study Report and Environmental Assessment until July 27, 2024. The public can review the report at the USACE link below. Also included on that webpage are instructions for submitting comments or requesting additional information.

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