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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date
A7825-2019 Major Abatement & Demolition Inc. 108 North 2nd Street Odessa KCRO 03/12/2019
A7826-2019 Hunt Vac Services, LLC 3419 Papin Street St. Louis SLRO 04/24/2019
A7827-2019 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. Houx Street & Holden Street Warrensburg KCRO 05/14/2019
A7828-2019 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 629 E. 39th Street Joplin SWRO 04/02/2019
A7830-2019 Spray Services, Inc. 620 North Grand St. Louis SLRO 04/22/2019
A7831-2019 Midwest Service Group (19-0-144) 4427 Geraldine Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/01/2019
A7832-2019 Z & L Wrecking Company 2815 Arlington, 3435 Arlington, 1281 Oak, 3406 Clara St. Louis SLRO 04/01/2019
A7829-2019 Todd Creason Construction, Inc. (TCCI) Various (amendments for each site will be provided) Various KC,NERO 03/13/2019
A7833-2019 INSCO Environmental, Inc. 217 Veterans Memorial Drive Excelsior Springs KCRO 03/26/2019
A7835-2019 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 1234 S. Kingshighway St. Louis SLRO 03/27/2019
A7834-2019 Todd Creason Construction, Inc. (TCCI) Various (amendments for each site will be provided) Various SL,NERO 03/17/2019
A7839-2019 CENPRO Services, Inc. 4511 Forest Park 4th Floor Renovation St. Louis SLRO 04/10/2019
A7836-2019 GenCorp Services, LLC 1632 Towne Drive Columbia NERO 04/01/2019
A7837-2019 Spray Services, Inc. 155 North Main Street St. Clair SLRO 03/21/2019
A7838-2019 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 203 S. Main Fayette NERO 04/01/2019
A7840-2019 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 4950 Childrens Place, 4960 Childrens Place, 508 S. Kingshighway Blvd St. Louis SLRO 04/03/2019
A7842-2019 Asher Abatement LLC 311 N. Drake Street Bernie SERO 04/02/2019
A7841-2019 Midwest Environmental Studies 4198 State Highway E Oak Ridge SERO 04/18/2019
A7843-2019 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 1308-1328 S. Kingshighway St. Louis SLRO 04/10/2019
A7844-2019 Reese Equipment Company LLC 200 Acorn Drive St. Robert SERO 04/09/2019
A7845-2019 Z & L Wrecking Company 5139 Robin Avenue St. Louis SLRO N/A
A7846-2019 Midwest Service Group 4431 Lindell Blvd St. Louis SLRO 04/11/2019
A7848-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 675 Tyler Avenue Marshfield SWRO 04/15/2019
A7847-2019 ARSI, Inc. 1125 Madison Street Jefferson City NERO 04/17/2019
A7856-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1925, 1941 & 1943 East Commercial Street Springfield SDES 05/08/2019
A7852-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1208 Walnut Street Golden City SWRO 05/27/2019
A7853-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 421 East Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 05/20/2019
A7854-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1505 S. Delaware Springfield SDES 05/20/2019
A7849-2019 Security Storage Service, Inc. 19050 & 19052 Hwy 174 Chesapeake SWRO 04/23/2019
A7850-2019 Apache Industrial 3292 State Highway Y Forsyth SWRO 04/25/2019
A7851-2019 Brock Industrial Services 3026 Laclede Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/26/2019
A7855-2019 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 306 Cross Street Sarcoxie SWRO 04/24/2019
A7859-2019 Schemel Companies, Inc. 118 East 3rd Street Salisbury NERO 05/06/2019
A7860-2019 Midwest Service Group 2020 North Broadway St. Louis SLRO 04/30/2019
A7857-2019 Security Storage Service, Inc. 1111 N. Glenstone Avenue Springfield SDES 05/06/2019
A7858-2019 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 777 NW Blue Parkway Lee's Summit KCRO 05/02/2019
A7861-2019 ARSI, Inc. 508 N. 3rd Street Louisiana NERO 05/06/2019
A7865-2019 Talbert ICS, Inc. 5600 Oakland Avenue St. Louis SLRO 05/15/2019
A7862-2019 Titan Environmental Services 2300 Bernadette Drive Columbia NERO N/A
A7863-2019 B & R Insulation Inc. 2110 East Austin Blvd. Nevada SWRO 05/06/2019
A7864-2019 Midwest Environmental Studies 419 W. 3rd Street Chaffee SERO 05/21/2019
A7868-2019 Midwest Environmental Studies 255 Market Street Ste. Genevieve SERO 05/08/2019
A7869-2019 Midwest Environmental Studies 510 College Avenue Kennett SERO 06/04/2019
A7866-2019 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 905 South 3rd Street St. Louis SLRO 05/08/2019
A7867-2019 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 4500 Goodfellow Blvd. St. Louis SLRO N/A
A7872-2019 GenCorp Services, LLC 3630 West Pine Mall & 3624 West Pine Mall St. Louis SLRO 05/20/2019
A7875-2019 Midwest Service Group 915 Grand Avenue St. Louis SLRO 05/28/2019
A7870-2019 Environmental Operations Inc. 1418 Carrol St. Louis SLRO 05/15/2019
A7871-2019 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. 106 W. 2nd Street Lamar SWRO 05/30/2019
A7873-2019 Phillip Camerer Roofing 820 Howard Street Carthage SWRO 05/16/2019
A7876-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 301 1st Street Kennett SERO 05/18/2019
A7878-2019 Major Abatement & Demolition Inc. 2 NE Douglass Lee's Summit KCRO 05/27/2019
A7874-2019 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 205 Belmont Liberty KCRO 05/04/2019
A7877-2019 O6 Environmental, LLC 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis SLRO 05/23/2019
A7883-2019 Gateway Construction Services, Inc. 3934 Cote Brilliant Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/17/2019
A7886-2019 Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc. 301 Northeast Street Green City NERO 05/31/2019
A7879-2019 ARSI, Inc. 812 Stadium Blvd Jefferson City NERO 06/03/2019
A7880-2019 B & R Insulation Inc. 6815 Hunter Street Raytown KCRO 05/23/2019
A7881-2019 B & R Insulation Inc. 3405 Oakland Place Columbia NERO 06/03/2019
A7882-2019 Wiedeman Dozing, LLC Near 122 E. McKinsey St Moberly NERO 05/15/2019
A7884-2019 INSCO Environmental, Inc. 5801 Route 2 Cleveland KCRO 05/29/2019
A7633-2018 Thunder Abatement, LLC 1101 Bedford Avenue North Kansas City KCRO 05/29/2018
A7885-2019 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 209 W. Coates Moberly NERO 05/22/2019
A7887-2019 24/7 Enviro Solutions 2024 & 2030 Lowenstein Drive Lee's Summit KCRO 06/03/2019
A7888-2019 Spartan Services LLC Bldg 722 Blood Processing Center Fort Leonard Wood SERO 06/03/2019
A7891-2019 Z & L Wrecking Company 4521 Natural Bridge St. Louis SLRO 05/21/2019
A7893-2019 AT Abatement Services Inc. 201 W. Mill Liberty KCRO 06/08/2019
A7895-2019 ARSI, Inc. 1400 Research Park Drive Columbia NERO 06/05/2019