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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date
A7756-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 E. Cherokee Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7755-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2035 E. Bennett Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7754-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1012 North Farm Road 123, Middle Suite Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7753-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2707 North Farm Road 123 Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7752-2018 Performance Abatement Services Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO 01/01/2019
A7751-2018 Performance Abatement Services Inc. 41 St. Jude Industrial Park Marston SERO 01/01/2019
A7750-2018 Abatepro, Inc. 435, 439, 517 Antelope St. Louis SLRO 12/13/2018
A7749-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1930 East Kearney Street Springfield SDES 12/14/2018
A7748-2018 MAB Environmental 4531 Davison St. Louis SLRO 11/20/2018
A7747-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2401 East Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 12/11/2018
A7746-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 2900 West Truman Blvd. Jefferson City NERO N/A
A7745-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 901 Swifts Hwy Jefferson City NERO 12/10/2018
A7744-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1846 East Meadowmere Street Springfield SDES 12/06/2018
A7743-2018 Midwest Environmental Studies 1569 Nash Road Cape Girardeau SERO 12/10/2018
A7742-2018 Midwest Environmental Studies 4035 State Highway 77 Benton SERO 12/19/2018
A7741-2018 Environmental Resources of Missouri, Inc. 3600 North Second Street St. Louis SLRO 12/05/2018
A7740-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 840 Desoto, 843 Desoto St. Louis SLRO 11/30/2018
A7739-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 224 Madison Street Jefferson City NERO 12/03/2018
A7738-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 185,187,189,190,191,192,193,195,196 NW Shamrock Place, 1922 NW O'Brien Road Lee's Summit KCRO N/A
A7737-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 7 Hospital Drive Columbia NERO 12/03/2018
A7736-2018 Midwest Environmental Studies 3547 N. Westwood Blvd Poplar Bluff SERO 11/21/2018
A7735-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 5048 Thrush/4972 & 5209 Genevieve/5010,5017,5032 Wren/5015,5211,5402 Plover St. Louis SLRO 11/19/2018
A7734-2018 United Patriot Abatement Services, LLC 8121 NE Hwy 69 South Claycomo KCRO 01/01/2019
A7733-2018 MAB Environmental 4234 W. Cote Brilliante St. Louis SLRO 11/13/2018
A7732-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. 609 N. 2nd St. Joseph KCRO N/A
A7731-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 5021, 5041, 5216 Wren St. Louis SLRO 11/14/2018
A7730-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. 1002 Francis St., Unit 1208 St. Joseph KCRO 11/01/2018
A7729-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 602 NW Pryor Road Lee's Summit KCRO 11/03/2018
A7728-2018 GenCorp Services, LLC 5100 San Francisco Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/31/2018
A7727-2018 Security Storage Service, Inc. 3211 E. Chestnut Expy Springfield SDES 11/05/2018
A7726-2018 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 423 East Logan Moberly NERO N/A
A7725-2018 24/7 Enviro Solutions 2000 Clay Street North Kansas City KCRO 10/26/2018
A7724-2018 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 511 S. Neosho Blvd. Neosho SWRO 10/23/2018
A7723-2018 Parkland Environmental Group, Inc. 802 & 804 SE Austin Street Oak Grove KCRO 10/22/2018
A7722-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 600 E. Stadium Blvd. Columbia NERO 10/10/2018
A7721-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1518 East Dale Street Springfield SDES 10/10/2018
A7720-2018 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1301 Waterworks Road Chillicothe NERO 11/02/2018
A7719-2018 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 5850 Elizabeth Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/19/2018
A7718-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 501 Oak Street California NERO 10/31/2018
A7717-2018 Environmental Operations Inc. 215 York Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/22/2018
A7716-2018 Industrial Maintenance & Construction Company Inc. 1424 County Line Road 303 Charleston SERO 10/15/2018
A7715-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 210 Davis Drive West Plains SERO 10/10/2018
A7714-2018 Spray Services, Inc. 130 East McCarty Jefferson City NERO 10/15/2018
A7713-2018 All Star Environmental LLC 200 Salt Lick Road St. Peters SLRO 10/22/2018
A7712-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 621 Conrad St, 1708 Missouri Blvd & 1710 Missouri Blvd Jefferson City NERO N/A
A7711-2018 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 1408 S. Vandeventer Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/11/2018
A7710-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. Intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 78 Independence KCRO 10/10/2018
A7709-2018 Abatepro, Inc. 4205 Maryland St. Louis SLRO 11/01/2018
A7708-2018 MAB Environmental 3929 Labadie, 3931 Labadie, 4618-26 Morganford St. Louis SLRO 10/03/2018
A7707-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 501 W. Kearney Springfield SDES 10/03/2018
A7706-2018 24/7 Enviro Solutions 200 Cherokee Street St. Joseph KCRO 10/26/2018
A7705-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 1901 Chouteau St. Louis SLRO 10/31/2018
A7704-2018 AT Abatement Services Inc. Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 10/16/2018
A7703-2018 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 201 E. Clement Street DeSoto SLRO 10/17/2018
A7702-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 5221 Robin, 5483 Genevieve, 5503 Genevieve St. Louis SLRO 09/28/2018
A7701-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 3500 Dekalb Street St. Louis SLRO 10/01/2018
A7700-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 9 Kingdom Way Gainsville SWRO 10/01/2018
A7633-2018 Thunder Abatement, LLC 1101 Bedford Avenue North Kansas City KCRO 05/29/2018
A7461-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 3308 W. Chestnut Expressway Springfield SDES 11/01/2017