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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date
A7745-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 901 Swifts Hwy Jefferson City NERO 12/10/2018
A7747-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2401 East Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 12/11/2018
A7746-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 2900 West Truman Blvd. Jefferson City NERO 01/14/2019
A7757-2018 Marshall Municipal Utilities 75 East Morgan Street Marshall NERO 01/01/2019
A7749-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1930 East Kearney Street Springfield SDES 12/14/2018
A7750-2018 Abatepro, Inc. 435, 439, 517 Antelope St. Louis SLRO 12/13/2018
A7751-2018 Performance Abatement Services Inc. 41 St. Jude Industrial Park Marston SERO 01/01/2019
A7752-2018 Performance Abatement Services Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO 01/01/2019
A7753-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2707 North Farm Road 123 Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7754-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1012 North Farm Road 123, Middle Suite Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7755-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2035 E. Bennett Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7756-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 E. Cherokee Springfield SDES 01/01/2019
A7768-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. One Busch Place St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7769-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 660 South Euclid Avenue St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7770-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. One Brookings Drive St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7771-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 226 Labadie Power Plant Road Labadie SLRO 01/01/2019
A7772-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. Checkerboard Square St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7773-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 320 South Broadway St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7774-2018 CENPRO Services, Inc. 8507 North State Route 94 West Alton SLRO 01/01/2019
A7777-2018 Wellington Environmental 300 First Capitol Drive St. Charles SLRO 01/01/2019
A7778-2018 Wellington Environmental 6901 McKissock St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7781-2018 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 400 North 12th Street Albany KCRO 01/21/2019
A7758-2018 University of Missouri-Columbia University of Missouri-Columbia Columbia NERO 01/01/2019
A7759-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 3635 Vista Ave @ Grand/1755 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7760-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. Various locations throughout Frost Campus. St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7761-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 411 Locust Street St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7762-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. Various addresses on campus St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7763-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 10 E. Grand St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7764-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. Various locations throughout facilities St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7765-2018 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. Various locations throughout hospital complex St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7766-2019 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. Various locations throughout the campus. St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7775-2018 AT Abatement Services Inc. 20250 Missouri 45 Weston KCRO 01/01/2019
A7776-2018 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1413 Lower Lake Road St. Joseph KCRO 01/01/2019
A7767-2018 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. #1 Barnes-Jewish Plaza St. Louis SLRO 01/01/2019
A7779-2018 Various-contractors will be provided via amendments (SET Envrnmntl) Various Various SWSESL 01/01/2019
A7780-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 1378 Belt Avenue St. Louis SLRO 01/21/2019
A7782-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1501 Business Loop 70 E Columbia NERO 01/02/2019
A7783-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1st Street and Illinois Avenue Fort Leonard Wood SERO 01/22/2019
A7789-2018 Construction and Abatement Services Inc. 1401 Armour Road North Kansas City KCRO 01/02/2019
A7784-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. 1217 Baker Drive Independence KCRO 01/14/2019
A7785-2018 Wellington Environmental 3933 S. Broadway St. Louis SLRO 01/15/2019
A7786-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. 2110 East Austin Blvd. Nevada SWRO 01/02/2019
A7787-2018 B & R Insulation Inc. Intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 78 Independence KCRO 01/02/2019
A7788-2018 Z & L Wrecking Company 4814 Bessie, 4225 N. Euclid, 5407 N. Euclid, 5246 & 5250 Paulian, 5419 Vera St. Louis SLRO 02/04/2019
A7790-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 900 Vandiver Columbia NERO 01/09/2019
A7791-2018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO 01/11/2019
A7792-2019 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 117 Commerce Drive Jefferson City NERO 01/16/2019
A7793-2019 Wellington Environmental 1725 Clark Street St. Louis SLRO 01/28/2019
A7794-2019 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. 100 Opportunity Avenue Point Lookout SWRO 01/17/2019
A7795-2019 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 110 Elmadale Lane Noel SWRO 01/22/2019
A7796-2019 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 518 Hitt Street Columbia NERO N/A
A7797-2019 US Environmental Solutions, LLC 1 Paul Parks Drive St. Clair SLRO 01/21/2019
A7798-2019 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 2654 Locust Street St. Louis SLRO 01/24/2019
A7799-2019 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 2150 Hampton Avenue St. Louis SLRO 01/25/2019
A7802-2019 Alliant Techsystems (E015-business exemption) Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 02/01/2019
A7800-2019 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 3815 Magnolia Street St. Louis SLRO 01/31/2019
A7804-2019 CENPRO Services, Inc. 1200 Market Street St. Louis SLRO 02/04/2019
A7801-2019 Security Storage Service, Inc. 251 Grand Avenue Taneyville SWRO 02/04/2019
A7803-2019 Z & L Wrecking Company 5038 Alcott, 5270 Alcott, 4905 & 4909 Beacon, 4939,5202,5204 & 5214 Davison St. Louis SLRO 02/04/2019
A7805-2019 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 7 Hospital Drive Columbia NERO 02/13/2019
A7807-2019 Lakeshore Environmental Contractors LLC 25201 MO 78, State Route 7 Independence KCRO 02/11/2019
A7808-2019 GenCorp Services, LLC S. Kingshighway Boulevard St. Louis SLRO 02/11/2019
A7809-2019 GenCorp Services, LLC 3745 West Pine Mall & 3753 West Pine Mall St. Louis SLRO 02/18/2019
A7810-2019 Wellington Environmental 5940 Mexico Road St. Peters SLRO 02/14/2019
A7811-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 637 West College Street Springfield SDES 02/18/2019
A7812-2019 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2524 South Golden Avenue Springfield SDES 02/18/2019
A7813-2019 Z & L Wrecking Company 1334 Blackstone St. Louis SLRO 02/25/2019
A7814-2019 Wellington Environmental 6020 Waterman Boulevard St. Louis SLRO 02/25/2019
A7815-2019 CMT, LLC 1700 Clark Avenue St. Louis SLRO 03/25/2019
A7818-2019 Brock Industrial Services 1528 Locust Street St. Louis SLRO 02/27/2019
A7819-2019 Wellington Environmental 6132 Pershing Avenue St. Louis SLRO 03/01/2019
A7820-2019 Wellington Environmental 6170 Pershing Avenue St. Louis SLRO 03/04/2019
A7633-2018 Thunder Abatement, LLC 1101 Bedford Avenue North Kansas City KCRO 05/29/2018