Spill Number Incident Location County City Cause Call Date
1708070928SEH 3680 Highway U Randolph Clifton Hill Unknown/Undetermined 08/07/2017
1708071920ESM Near Miller Street and 1st Street St. Louis St. Louis Unknown/Undetermined 08/07/2017
1708060950DLK Highway 61 at Route O Ralls Rural Ralls County Vehicular Accident 08/06/2017
1708060730DLK I-44 East bound at Mile Marker 276 St. Louis Sunset Hills Vehicular Accident 08/06/2017
1708041042ADC Highway 28 at Eigth Street Maries Belle Leaking Tank System 08/04/2017
1708040800ADC Highway 54 at Highway 65 Hickory Preston Mech. Malfunction/Failure 08/04/2017
1708041312KAH 800 North Topping (Neff Railyard) Jackson Kansas City Mech. Malfunction/Failure 08/04/2017
1708041036ADC 14195 Clayton Road St. Louis Ballwin Leaking Tank System 08/04/2017
1708041334ADC 2775 South Campbell Avenue Greene Springfield Improper Disposal 08/04/2017
1708041051ADC 595 Big Bend Road St. Louis Ballwin Leaking Tank System 08/04/2017
1708031315RLG Route H, TWO miles East of Highway 15 Scotland Memphis Other 08/03/2017
1708030815RSM Mississippi River at mile marker 199 St. Charles West Alton Mech. Malfunction/Failure 08/03/2017
1708021242RSM 5655 East Kearney Street Greene Strafford Improper Disposal 08/02/2017
1708022015RSM 300 South Dallas Street Dallas Urbana Operator Error 08/02/2017
1708020032ECT Interstate 49 at Mile Marker 22 Newton Neosho Vehicular Accident 08/02/2017
1708011735ECT Interstate 44 at miler marker 18 Jasper Fidelity Vehicular Accident 08/01/2017
1708011005SMC North Fork Spring River Jasper Jasper Mech. Malfunction/Failure 08/01/2017
1708011647KAH Hoxie Subdivision (south of the 691 Road Crossing) Stoddard Dudley Mech. Malfunction/Failure 08/01/2017
1708011336SMC Highway 76 and Mt. Carmel Road McDonald Stella Improper Disposal 08/01/2017
1708011027KAH 670 Southeast 803 Road (Bucksaw Marina) Henry Clinton Weather Related 08/01/2017
1708011104SMC Rural Wayne County Wayne Lodi Intentional Act/Vandalism 08/01/2017
1707311130BLK 7021 Hall Street St. Louis St. Louis Other 07/31/2017
1707311113RSM 2505 South Brentwood Blvd St. Louis Brentwood Discharge/Air Emission 07/31/2017
1707311254ADC Highway 7 at Moose Road south side of Highway 7) Camden Climax Springs Improper Disposal 07/31/2017
1707301922RSM 195 Gage Drive Taney Hollister Operator Error 07/30/2017
Spill Number Location County City Cause Call Date
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