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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date
A8173-2020 Performance Abatement Services, Inc. 41 St Jude Industrial Park Marston SERO 01/01/2021
A8174-2020 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2100 Nichols St Springfield SDES 12/31/2020
A8185-2020 B&R Insulation, Inc. 2110 E Austin Blvd Nevada SWRO 01/01/2021
A8176-2020 Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc. 3100 3101 3103 3104 3105 3107 Keene Ct Columbia NERO 01/05/2021
A8184-2020 B&R Insulation, Inc. Intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 78 Independece KCRO 01/01/2021
A8177-2020 ARSI, Inc. 1501 Business Loop 70 E Columbia NERO N/A
A8178-2020 ARSI, Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO N/A
A8182-2020 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 503 E Main St Willow Springs SERO 01/04/2021
A8175-2020 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 110 Frank Ford Rd Louisiana NERO 01/04/2021
A8179-2020 ARSI, Inc. 1413 Rangeline St Columbia NERO 01/05/2021
A8180-2020 Marshall Municipal Utilities 765 W North Street Marshall NERO 01/01/2021
A8181-2020 Talbert ICS, Inc. 1410 E Veterans Memorial Pkwy Truesdayle SLRO 01/04/2021
A8183-2020 Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc. 213 Belmont Liberty KCRO 01/18/2021
A8186-2020 CENPRO Services, Inc. 226 Labadie Power Plant Road Labadie SLRO 01/01/2021
A8187-2020 CENPRO Services, Inc. 8507 North State Route 94 West Alton SLRO 01/01/2021
A8169-2020 B&R Insulation, Inc. 500 E Cherry Nevada SWRO 12/18/2020
A8188-2021 Major Abatement & Demolition Inc. 117 Houx St Warrensburg KCRO 01/25/2021
A8189-2021 B&R Insulation, Inc. 2110 E Austin Blvd Nevada SWRO 01/30/2021
A8192-2021 Various-contractors will be provided via amendments Various Various SWSESL 01/29/2021
A8190-2021 AT Abatement Services Inc. 20250 State Rte 45 N Weston KCRO 02/01/2021
A8191-2021 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1413 SW Lower Lake Road St. Joseph KCRO 02/01/2021
A8194-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 3101 S Glenstone Ave Springfield SDES 02/09/2021
A8195-2021 Stan Morris Construction LLC 114 E Congress, 220 E Central, 225 312 321 E Orleans St, 302 S Elm, 422 S 3rd St, 526 804 S 1st St, 718 S 4th St Pacific SLRO 02/09/2021
A8193-2021 Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc. 410 W. Benton Street Monett SWRO 01/26/2021
A8196-2021 Stan Morris Construction LLC list requested Rolla SERO 02/22/2021
A8197-2021 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 804 816 822 E 1st St, 809 811 815 819 E 3rd St, 918 E 5th St Washington SLRO 02/10/2021
A8198-2021 Wiedeman Dozing, LLC 843 W Coates St Moberly NERO 02/23/2021
A8200-2021 AT Abatement Services Inc. 2300 High Grove Rd Grandview KCRO 03/15/2021
A8201-2021 Brock Industrial Services 226 Labadie Power Plant Road Labadie SLRO 03/01/2021
A8202-2021 ARSI, Inc. 502 7th St Boonville NERO 02/19/2021
A8203-2021 INSCO Environmental, Inc. 499 MO 7 Hwy Blue Springs KCRO 02/24/2021
A8204-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 601 Bus Lp 70 W Columbia NERO 03/16/2021
A8205-2021 AT Abatement Services Inc. 8121 NE Hwy 69 S Claycomo KCRO 04/17/2021
A8199-2021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 950 Metrecal St Cabool SERO N/A