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Notification# Contractor Project Address Project City Branch Office Start Date Paid
A7459-2017 Midwest Service Group 220 North Grand St. Louis SLRO 10/30/3017 Yes
A7480-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 4690 Osage Beach Parkway Osage Beach SWRO 12/04/2017 Yes
A7481-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1601 N. Pine Street Rolla SERO 12/04/2017 Yes
A7474-2017 INSCO Environmental, Inc. 22225 State Hwy 210 Missouri City KCRO 12/01/2017 Yes
A7478-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 2304 Missouri Blvd. Jefferson City NERO 11/29/2017 Yes
A7482-2017 Abatepro, Inc. Multiple-see supplemental Rolla SERO 11/29/2017 Yes
A7477-2017 Spray Services, Inc. 2210-2230 Locust Street St. Louis SLRO 11/28/2017 Yes
A7476-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 620 South Main Street Monroe City NERO 11/28/2017 Yes
A7475-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1021 Ashland Road Mexico NERO 11/27/2017 Yes
A7479-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 4219,4223,4227,4233 Hunt Avenue, 1400 Tower Grove Ave & 4254 Vista Avenue St. Louis SLRO 11/27/2017 Yes
A7473-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1104 & 1106 Monroe Street Jefferson City NERO 11/21/2017 Yes
A7464-2017 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 920 Cherry Street Columbia NERO 11/20/2017 Yes
A7455-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 2900 W. Truman Blvd. Jefferson City NERO 11/16/2017 Yes
A7472-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1935 South Campbell Springfield SDES 11/16/2017 Yes
A7471-2017 Reese Equipment Company LLC 911 W. Hwy 42 Iberia SWRO 11/14/2017 Yes
A7469-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 512 & 518 North Sprigg Street Cape Girardeau SERO 11/13/2017 Yes
A7442-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. Jct. Hwy CC & Hwy O Fulton NERO 11/11/2017 Yes
A7470-2017 Forefront Environmental Services 607 W. 2nd St., Building #609, Units C, G & K Lee's Summit KCRO 11/09/2017 Yes
A7466-2017 Wellington Environmental 2603 Wild Plum Valley Catawissa SLRO 11/08/2017 Yes
A7456-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 6571 West Highway 60 Brookline SWRO 11/07/2017 Yes
A7463-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 1118 West 21st Street Joplin SWRO 11/06/2017 Yes
A7465-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 4902 Blow Street St. Louis SLRO 11/06/2017 Yes
A7443-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 740 NW Blue Pkwy Lee's Summit KCRO 11/03/2017 Yes
A7467-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 609 North Second Street St. Joseph KCRO 11/03/2017 Yes
A7429-2017 Reese Equipment Company LLC 403 School Street Waynesville SERO 11/03/2017 Yes
A7468-2017 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 210 N. Williams Moberly NERO 11/02/2017 Yes
A7461-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 3308 W. Chestnut Expressway Springfield SDES 11/01/2017 Yes
A7458-2017 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. 816 S. Ash Street Buffalo SWRO 10/31/2017 Yes
A7454-2017 David Rensch Construction 4018, 4022 South Lone Pine Springfield SDES 10/26/2017 Yes
A7451-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 13334 Artillery Circle Fort Leonard Wood SERO 10/24/2017 Yes
A7453-2017 GEI (Global Environmental, Inc.) 600 E. St. Louis Springfield SDES 10/24/2017 Yes
A7462-2017 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 5240 Oakland Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/23/2017 Yes
A7452-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 5818-20 Roosevelt Avenue, 5830 Roosevelt Avenue St. Louis SLRO 10/23/2017 Yes
A7460-2017 INSCO Environmental, Inc. 1115 Armour Road North Kansas City KCRO 10/23/2017 Yes
A7445-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 407/409,411/413,417/419,607/609,613/615,701/703,707/709, 505 East Bolivar Mexico NERO 10/23/2017 Yes
A7448-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 305 E. Chestnut Street Sedalia KCRO 10/18/2017 Yes
A7447-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies County Road 401 & 155 Benton SERO 10/18/2017 Yes
A7444-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 11083 Hwy D Louisiana NERO 10/16/2017 Yes
A7427-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 11402 E. 24 Hwy Sugarcreek KCRO 10/16/2017 Yes
A7441-2017 Wellington Environmental 445 E. Springfield Road St. Clair SLRO 10/13/2017 Yes
A7436-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 8040 Frederick Street & 3118 Abner Place St. Louis SLRO 10/12/2017 Yes
A7440-2017 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 2406 Paris Road Columbia NERO 10/11/2017 Yes
A7446-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 20250 Missouri 45 Weston KCRO 10/11/2017 Yes
A7435-2017 Wellington Environmental 801 South Broadway Hannibal NERO 10/09/2017 Yes
A7437-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 3301 South State Highway FF Springfield SDES 10/09/2017 Yes
A7438-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies 300 East Broadway Hayti SERO 10/09/2017 Yes
A7433-2017 Spartan Services LLC 11 North Shore Lake Ozark SWRO 10/03/2017 Yes
A7439-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 3612 Connecticut St. Louis SLRO 10/02/2017 Yes
A7431-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 510 South McKinley Union SLRO 09/29/2017 Yes
A7396-2017 Reese Equipment Company LLC 700, 701, 702, 704, 706 Nickels Drive Waynesville SERO 09/29/2017 Yes
A7421-2017 Environmental Restoration LLC 5300 Bircher St. Louis SLRO 09/27/2017 Yes
A7432-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 2254 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis SLRO 09/27/2017 Yes
A7430-2017 Wyandotte Corporation 1519 Tower Grove Avenue St. Louis SLRO 09/27/2017 Yes
A7428-2017 Spray Services, Inc. 4404 Holt Wentzville SLRO 09/26/2017 Yes
A7419-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 614 South Ohio Street Sedalia KCRO 09/22/2017 Yes
A7425-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 East Cherokee Springfield SDES 09/22/2017 Yes
A7426-2017 Construction and Abatement Services Inc. 133 SW McClendon Street Lee's Summit KCRO 09/22/2017 Yes
A7422-2017 Talbert ICS, Inc. 4355 Maryland Avenue St. Louis SLRO 09/20/2017 Yes
A7423-2017 Parkland Environmental Group, Inc. 900 S. Business Hwy 63 South Bowling Green NERO 09/20/2017 Yes
A7418-2017 Midwest Service Group 11024 Highway D Louisiana NERO 09/18/2017 Yes
A7417-2017 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 2503 B Hwy Boonville NERO 09/18/2017 Yes
A7420-2017 Spartan Services LLC 108, 103, 105, 114 Plattner Drive St. Robert SERO 09/18/2017 Yes
A7416-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 1201 E. Golf Hill Drive Excelsior Springs KCRO 09/15/2017 Yes
A7424-2017 Talbert ICS, Inc. 4050 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis SLRO 09/14/2017 Yes
A7415-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 516, 518 & 530 South Pearl Joplin SWRO 09/14/2017 Yes
A7414-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. 50 Ridgeland Road St. Joseph KCRO 09/12/2017 Yes
A7411-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 2 West College Street Aurora SWRO 09/12/2017 Yes
A7402-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 501-509 Olive Street St. Louis SLRO 09/11/2017 Yes
A7412-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1900 West Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 09/11/2017 Yes
A7413-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies 2890 Kanell Poplar Bluff SERO 09/11/2017 Yes
A7407-2017 Midwest Service Group 16147 US Highway 61 Ste. Genevieve SERO 09/05/2017 Yes
A7408-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1500 State Street Lexington KCRO 09/05/2017 Yes
A7409-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 1028 S. Hickory Street Mt. Vernon SWRO 09/01/2017 Yes
A7403-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 800, 806, 824, 830 & 836 S. National Springfield SDES 08/29/2017 Yes
A7404-2017 Midwest Service Group 1009 24 Highway Independence KCRO 08/28/2017 Yes
A7405-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. #10 East Church Street Park Hills SERO 08/28/2017 Yes
A7400-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 11319 Highway FF Joplin SWRO 08/22/2017 Yes
A7352-2017 Brock Industrial 917-921 Locust Street St. Louis SLRO 08/22/2017 Yes
A7410-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 100 Big Hollow Road Festus SLRO 08/22/2017 Yes
A7394-2017 Midwest Service Group 401 N. 5th Street Elsberry SLRO 08/21/2017 Yes
A7406-2017 Various Various Various SWSESL 08/21/2017 Yes
A7401-2017 Spray Services, Inc. Latitude 39.090913, Latitude -92.402975 Columbia NERO 08/21/2017 Yes
A7399-2017 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 705 Olive Blvd. St. Louis SLRO 08/18/2017 Yes
A7395-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 1515 East 7th Street Joplin SWRO 08/17/2017 Yes
A7385-2017 Construction and Abatement Services Inc. 1401 S. Park Street El Dorado Springs SWRO 08/14/2017 Yes
A7398-2017 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. 314 S. Main Rogersville SWRO 08/14/2017 Yes
A7387-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 350 Green St,425 N. Clay St,120 N. Adams, 543 N. Market St & 120 S. Cecil St Memphis NERO 08/11/2017 Yes
A7393-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 3009 Semple Ave, 8518 Partridge Ave, 3024 Abner Pl, 5324 Greer Avenue St. Louis SLRO 08/10/2017 Yes
A7390-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 1365 Granville, 1360 Burd Avenue St. Louis SLRO 08/09/2017 Yes
A7372-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 502 Kentucky Boulevard Columbia NERO 08/07/2017 Yes
A7391-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 45 S. Minnesota Street Cape Girardeau SERO 08/07/2017 Yes
A7375-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. Highway 79 & Buffalo Creek Louisiana NERO 08/07/2017 Yes
A7397-2017 Midwest Service Group 1400 US Hwy 61 Festus SLRO 08/07/2017 Yes
A7389-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 3825 West Pine Mall St. Louis SLRO 08/03/2017 Yes
A7384-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2601 West Battlefield Road Springfield SDES 08/03/2017 Yes
A7381-2017 Environmental Management Alternatives, Inc. 3150 Hwy JJ Palmyra NERO 08/02/2017 Yes
A7382-2017 Environmental Operations Inc. 4600-14 S. Broadway St. Louis SLRO 08/01/2017 Yes
A7379-2017 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 7402 Overton Avenue Raytown KCRO 08/01/2017 Yes
A7383-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 6755 Nashville Avenue St. Louis SLRO 07/27/2017 Yes
A7380-2017 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 4215 South 169 Highway St. Joseph KCRO 07/27/2017 Yes
A7355-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 3041,3027-3033 Semple;5510,5512,5515,5532-5534,5564,5560 Ashland;3026 Arling St. Louis SLRO 07/27/2017 Yes
A7348-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1216 East Morgan Street Boonville NERO 07/26/2017 Yes
A7373-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies RR 1, Box 18150 Patterson SERO 07/25/2017 Yes
A7376-2017 Midwest Service Group (17-0-298) 805 & 819 Locust Washington SLRO 07/24/2017 Yes
A7386-2017 David Rensch Construction 1106 E. Elm Springfield SDES 07/24/2017 Yes
A7378-2017 Enterprise Network Resolutions-Contracting, LLC 9321 State Route 100 Chamois NERO 07/24/2017 Yes
A7317-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 East Cherokee Springfield SDES 07/22/2017 Yes
A7377-2017 SET Environmental, Inc. 204 W. Walton Warrenton SLRO 07/20/2017 Yes
A7343-2017 GEI (Global Environmental, Inc.) 801 Broadway Hannibal NERO 07/20/2017 Yes
A7363-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 814/816,900,902/904 South Robberson Avenue Springfield SDES 07/19/2017 Yes
A7365-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 07/18/2017 Yes
A7334-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1 Hospital Drive Columbia NERO 07/18/2017 Yes
A7367-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1020 South College Avenue Columbia NERO 07/18/2017 Yes
A7362-2017 Todd Creason Construction, Inc. (TCCI) Various (GPS for each site will be provided) Laplata to Revere NERO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7364-2017 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 201 W. Rollins Street Moberly NERO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7369-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 3901 Shaw Blvd St. Louis SLRO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7368-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 901 South National Springfield SDES 07/17/2017 Yes
A7392-2017 Horsley Specialties, Inc. 399 West 23rd Avenue North Kansas City KCRO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7366-2017 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 1509 Stone Blvd Raymore KCRO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7374-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 403 W. Columbia Street Farmington SERO 07/17/2017 Yes
A7361-2017 Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc. 128 S. Market Memphis NERO 07/11/2017 Yes
A7359-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 700 State Road Z Fulton NERO 07/10/2017 Yes
A7360-2017 Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc. 600 N. 19th Street Unionville NERO 07/10/2017 Yes
A7358-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 East Cherokee Springfield SDES 07/08/2017 Yes
A7357-2017 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 12425 E. 43rd Independence KCRO 07/05/2017 Yes
A7349-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 121 Johnson Street Moberly NERO 07/05/2017 Yes
A7356-2017 New Horizons Enterprises, LLC 8800 E. 63rd Street Raytown KCRO 07/05/2017 Yes
A7354-2017 Forefront Environmental Services 401 Finnell Keytesville NERO 06/29/2017 Yes
A7350-2017 Environmental Operations Inc. 2515 N. Jefferson Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/27/2017 Yes
A7351-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 102 East Mr. Vernon Street Nixa SWRO 06/27/2017 Yes
A7353-2017 Midwest Service Group (17-0-266) 4420 Ohio Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/26/2017 Yes
A7332-2017 University of Missouri-Columbia University of Missouri-Columbia Columbia NERO 06/23/2017 Yes
A7371-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 8500,8515Partridge Ave;3018,3104,3107,3109,3112,3116Abner Pl;5330,5334 Greer St. Louis SLRO 06/23/2017 Yes
A7341-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. Intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 78 Independence KCRO 06/21/2017 Yes
A7346-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 12890 Diver Drive Neosho SWRO 06/21/2017 Yes
A7347-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 610 & 616 Old Fridens Road St. Charles SLRO 06/20/2017 Yes
A7340-2017 The Gehm Corporation Inc. 803 Swifts Highway Jefferson City NERO 06/20/2017 Yes
A7333-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 722 S. Vandeventer Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/19/2017 Yes
A7344-2017 Wellington Environmental 2000 Washington Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/19/2017 Yes
A7345-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1603/1611 South 3rd Street Ozark SWRO 06/19/2017 Yes
A7329-2017 Wellington Environmental 2145 Hampton Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/16/2017 Yes
A7336-2017 New Horizons Enterprises, LLC 212 W. 6th Street Dearborn KCRO 06/16/2017 Yes
A7342-2017 Allstate Environmental LLC 2700 West Broadway Sedalia KCRO 06/16/2017 Yes
A7315-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 519 Hitt Street Columbia NERO 06/14/2017 Yes
A7339-2017 Environmental Operations Inc. 750 North 16th Street St. Louis SLRO 06/12/2017 Yes
A7290-2017 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 8700 NW River Park Drive Parkville KCRO 06/12/2017 Yes
A7337-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 1111 North Main Street Joplin SWRO 06/07/2017 Yes
A7318-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 3520 & 3530 Laclede Avenue St. Louis SLRO 06/05/2017 Yes
A7338-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1227 E. 119th Street Grandview KCRO 06/02/2017 Yes
A7327-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 3415-3425 E. New Haven Road Columbia NERO 06/01/2017 Yes
A7335-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1800 E. Baltimore Street Kirksville NERO 05/31/2017 Yes
A7321-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 901 South National Springfield SDES 05/30/2017 Yes
A7320-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 3745 South Broadway Springfield SDES 05/30/2017 Yes
A7266-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 518 Hitt Street Columbia NERO 05/30/2017 Yes
A7331-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. West 9th Street Maryville KCRO 05/29/2017 Yes
A7330-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies 315 S. Missouri Jackson SERO 05/29/2017 Yes
A7316-2017 Reese Equipment Company LLC 514 S. Pine Richland SERO 05/29/2017 Yes
A7326-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 501 Westwind Drive Festus SLRO 05/26/2017 Yes
A7328-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1100 High Grove Road Grandview KCRO 05/25/2017 Yes
A7312-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1505 North 2nd Street Clinton KCRO 05/23/2017 Yes
A7322-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 809 Richmond Avenue Columbia NERO 05/23/2017 Yes
A7323-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Lake City Road Independence KCRO 05/22/2017 Yes
A7324-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 05/22/2017 Yes
A7311-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 1900-1906 & 1901-1909 Swift Ave and 207 & 301-315 Armour Rd North Kansas City KCRO 05/19/2017 Yes
A7319-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 17562 Gum Road Carthage SWRO 05/18/2017 Yes
A7314-2017 MFH Environmental Buildings 4100-4105, 4110-4115 Fort Leonard Wood SERO 05/15/2017 Yes
A7310-2017 Talbert ICS, Inc. 5101 McRee St. Louis SLRO 05/10/2017 Yes
A7313-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 300 W. 13th Street Rolla SERO 05/08/2017 Yes
A7308-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. 620 East 23rd North Kansas City KCRO 05/08/2017 Yes
A7306-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 05/03/2017 Yes
A7307-2017 General Waste Services Inc. 169 East Grand St. Louis SLRO 05/01/2017 Yes
A7309-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 35 Camden Avenue Camdenton SWRO 05/01/2017 Yes
A7303-2017 Spray Services, Inc. 5548 Manchester Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/29/2017 Yes
A7263-2017 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 915 N. Grand Blvd. St. Louis SLRO 04/25/2017 Yes
A7305-2017 Midwest Service Group 1701 Claycomo Road Claycomo KCRO 04/24/2017 Yes
A7301-2017 ALM Environmental Services & Construction, LLC 120 South Ash Street Nevada SWRO 04/24/2017 Yes
A7302-2017 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 5009 Daggett Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/24/2017 Yes
A7282-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 500 East Third Street Fulton NERO 04/24/2017 Yes
A7300-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. 515 N. Main Warrensburg KCRO 04/20/2017 Yes
A7298-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2401 East Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 04/18/2017 Yes
A7297-2017 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 5821 Pernod Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/17/2017 Yes
A7299-2017 GenCorp Services, LLC 725 N. 23rd Street St. Louis SLRO 04/17/2017 Yes
A7292-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 5700 Lindell St. Louis SLRO 04/13/2017 Yes
A7296-2017 Midwest Service Group (17-0-140) 2020 Hampton Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/12/2017 Yes
A7291-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies 101 Riggs Scott Lane Ironton SERO 04/11/2017 Yes
A7289-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 639 Young Street Neosho SWRO 04/10/2017 Yes
A7295-2017 Midwest Service Group 3800 Hampton Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/10/2017 Yes
A7294-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1235 East Cherokee Springfield SDES 04/04/2017 Yes
A7288-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 3664 Arsenal Street St. Louis SLRO 04/03/2017 Yes
A7287-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 5512 Greer Avenue St. Louis SLRO 04/03/2017 Yes
A7293-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 1401 S. Park Street El Dorado Springs SWRO 04/03/2017 Yes
A7285-2017 Environmental Restoration LLC 5300 Bircher St. Louis SLRO 04/01/2017 Yes
A7278-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 101 S. Mount Auburn Road Cape Girardeau SERO 03/31/2017 Yes
A7283-2017 Midwest Service Group 1415 Olive Street St. Louis SLRO 03/31/2017 Yes
A7286-2017 Advanced Environmental Testing and Abatement, Inc. 1136 W. College Street Liberty KCRO 03/27/2017 Yes
A7261-2017 Schemel-Tarrillion, Inc. 1500 N. Westwood Blvd. Poplar Bluff SERO 03/27/2017 Yes
A7280-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1104 N. Providence Road Columbia NERO 03/24/2017 Yes
A7276-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 9811-13 E. 60th Street Raytown KCRO 03/22/2017 Yes
A7279-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 115 Business Loop 70 West Columbia NERO 03/20/2017 Yes
A7277-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 4221 Forest Park Avenue St. Louis SLRO 03/17/2017 Yes
A7275-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 20 E. Green Meadows Road Columbia NERO 03/15/2017 Yes
A7268-2017 Midwest Service Group 1820 Market Street St. Louis SLRO 03/15/2017 Yes
A7269-2017 Z & L Wrecking Company 1012, 1001, 1039, 1005 Tillie Avenue, 8208 Newby Street St. Louis SLRO 03/14/2017 Yes
A7281-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 1000 N. Monroe Street Versailles SWRO 03/14/2017 Yes
A7274-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 400 W. 11th Street Rolla SERO 03/14/2017 Yes
A7284-2017 B & R Insulation Inc. 200 Pheasant Street Harrisonville KCRO 03/13/2017 Yes
A7273-2017 Envirotech, Inc. 226 Labadie Power Plant Road Labadie SLRO 03/13/2017 Yes
A7264-2017 Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc. 509 Atlanthus Stanberry KCRO 03/11/2017 Yes
A7272-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1413 Lower Lake Road St. Joseph KCRO 03/09/2017 Yes
A7270-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies SEMO University Steam Plant Cape Girardeau SERO 03/07/2017 Yes
A7271-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 1464 South Glenstone Avenue Springfield SDES 03/07/2017 Yes
A7265-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 6322-6336 S. Grand St. Louis SLRO 03/06/2017 Yes
A7252-2017 AT Abatement Services Inc. 1413 Lower Lake Road St. Joseph KCRO 03/06/2017 Yes
A7267-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 201 Garfield Avenue West Plains SERO 03/02/2017 Yes
A7262-2017 Schemel-Tarrillion, Inc. 110 S. West Street Perryville SERO 03/01/2017 Yes
A7254-2017 Universal Abatement Inc. 5005 Daggett Avenue St. Louis SLRO 03/01/2017 Yes
A7256-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 307 N. Main Street Windsor KCRO 02/28/2017 Yes
A7257-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 2233 Missouri Blvd Jefferson City NERO 02/27/2017 Yes
A7248-2017 Midwest Service Group 700-728 S. Euclid & 818 Euclid St. Louis SLRO 02/22/2017 Yes
A7251-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 411 Central Methodist Square Fayette NERO 02/20/2017 Yes
A7253-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 707/709 (commercial) & 743/747 (residential) South Campbell Springfield SDES 02/20/2017 Yes
A7260-2017 24/7 Enviro Solutions 1437 Gentry Kansas City KCRO 02/20/2017 Yes
A7255-2017 Mid-America Environmental Solutions 1908 State Highway 37 Sarcoxie SWRO 02/16/2017 Yes
A7250-2017 Performance Abatement Services Inc. 41 St. Jude Industrial Park Marston SERO 02/15/2017 Yes
A7258-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 2415 N. Kingshighway St. Louis SLRO 02/13/2017 Yes
A7247-2017 Midwest Service Group 700 North Grath Columbia NERO 02/13/2017 Yes
A7249-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO 02/13/2017 Yes
A7246-2017 University of Missouri-Columbia University of Missouri-Columbia Columbia NERO 02/03/2017 Yes
A7241-2017 Alliant Techsystems (E015-business exemption) Intersection of MO Highways 7 & 78 Independence KCRO 02/01/2017 Yes
A7259-2017 Performance Contracting Inc. 5693 Highway F Clifton Hill NERO 01/30/2017 Yes
A7244-2017 Abatepro, Inc. 601 N. Galloway Road Vandalia NERO 01/25/2017 Yes
A7240-2017 Forefront Environmental Services 204 N. Pine Street Norborne NERO 01/24/2017 Yes
A7243-2017 Security Storage Service, Inc. 3301 FF Highway Springfield SDES 01/24/2017 Yes
A7245-2017 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. 2401 East Sunshine Street Springfield SDES 01/23/2017 Yes
A7242-2017 Action Environmental Services 202 S. West Street Concordia KCRO 01/23/2017 Yes
A7239-2017 Environmental Resources of Missouri, Inc. 918 Airport Road Festus SLRO 01/19/2017 Yes
A7325-2017 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 751 Jeffco Blvd Arnold SLRO N/A Yes
A7434-2017 Midwest Environmental Studies 1400 Village Drive Bonneville NERO N/A Yes
A7370-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 21509 Hwy 161 Bowling Green NERO N/A Yes
A7304-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 3600 Country Club Drive Jefferson City NERO N/A Yes
A7450-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 600 East Fifth Street Fulton NERO N/A Yes
A7449-2017 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. 800 Hospital Drive Columbia NERO N/A Yes
A7388-2017 CENPRO Services, Inc. 8501 North State Route 94 West Alton SLRO N/A Yes
A7457-2017 Cardinal Environmental Operations Corp. 3842 Olive Street St. Louis SLRO N/A Yes