The EPA has recently issued a Notice of Violation of the Clean Air Act to Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, and Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. They allege that Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars model year 2009-2015 have software that circumvents EPA emissions standards. You can find more information here.


The Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program (GVIP) improves air quality in the St. Louis region. GVIP is an emissions testing program for vehicles registered in the St. Louis ozone non-attainment area which includes St. Louis City, Franklin County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County and St. Louis County.

The cost of the emissions test is $24. Click to report being charged more than this.

Emission Exemptions and Waiver Information Forms

This webpage is for emissions testing only. For safety inspection information please follow this link:

Map of non-attainment area.