What is a Missouri Recognized Repair Technician?

A Missouri Recognized Repair Technician, or MRRT, is a person who is:

  • Employed full time at an automotive repair shop;

  • Certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence in A6, A8 and L1 areas of expertise; and,

  • Approved to the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program and has MRRT number from Opus Inspection.

What is does being Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mean?

Many repair shops hire technicians who have been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization tests technicians on their knowledge of vehicle diagnostic and repair, including electric/electronic systems- A6, engine performance - A8, and advanced engine performance-L1. For more information about ASE certification, see https://www.ase.com.

Why should I become Missouri Recognized Repair Technician?

  • Your qualified emissions related labor and diagnostic costs count towards cost based waiver minimums, but your competitor's won't if their repair technician is not an MRRT.

  • Your shop will be included on the 10 nearest MRRT shops on a motorist's failing vehicle inspection report.

  • Your shop will be listed on the www.missourivip.org website as a MRRT shop.

You do not have to be a licensed GVIP inspector or shop to be recognized as an MRRT facility and technician.

How to I become a Missouri Recognized Repair Technician?

The facility you work at must give a completed MRRT application to Opus Inspection along with copies of your current ASE certification in A6, A8, and L1 areas. Multiple full-time staff from a shop may be given on the same application. You can get the application from:

There is no cost to apply, apart from the cost of obtaining and maintaining current A6, A8, and L1 ASE certifications.

Note: This information is published as an informational source for motorists to consider when pursuing emissions repairs for a failed vehicle. It is a consumer guide to help locate a repair facility employing technicians that have proven training in emissions-related repairs. It is not a recommendation from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources or from anyone affiliated with the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program. Remember that it is your right and responsibility as a consumer to evaluate and choose a repair facility.