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What is required of local auto shops to participate in the program?

  • Apply to the state for an emissions inspection license.

  • Conduct emissions inspections (option to repair failing vehicles).

  • Pay license fee ( $100 per year prorated the first year so safety and emissions licenses can be synchronized).

  • Have internet for real-time vehicle registration verification.*

  • Purchase inspection equipment from the state's contractor. (Equipment not required if only doing safety inspections.)

  • Charge for testing can not exceed:

    • Emissions testing fee = $24.

    • Safety inspection fee = $12.

Auto shops must have internet before Opus Inspection delivers equipment or Opus will charge a fee of $220 for each return visit.

What is required of inspectors to participate in the program?

  • Apply to the state for a license. (Valid for three years and provided at no cost.)

  • Take training from contractor.

  • Pass a written and practical exam offered by Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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Application with Opus Inspection

Fill out Station Equipment and Service Agreement Contract and submit with payment options to
Opus Inspection. Opus Inspection will deliver equipment in the order received.

    • You only need to buy the standard package for participation. You do not need to choose options, but options may cost more later.

    • Monthly warranty is only available in the initial service contract.  The warranty option will not be available to you after you get your equipment and begin operation.

    * Completed Service Agreement Contract *

    Paying by Credit Card
    Service Agreement Contracts can
    be faxed to Opus Inspection.
    Complete all necessary information
    and fax to 801-265-1199.

    Mail to
    Opus Inspection
    6681 S Cottonwood Suite 1
    Murray, UT 84107

Training Information for Auto Shops Participating in GVIP

Opus Inspection schedules inspector/mechanic training for the GVIP. To learn more about training classes and to preregister, contact Opus Inspection by calling 314-567-4891.

Tax Exemptions

What Vehicle Parts are Exempt from State Sales Tax?

On Aug. 28, 2008, an amendment to state statute 144.030.2 (14), RSMO became effective. This amendment affects the vehicle parts and vehicle repair industry statewide. Since March 30, 2003, the following replacement vehicle parts are exempt from state sales tax:

  • Air injection parts, air pumps check valves, smog pumps.

  • Catalytic converters (universal converters, direct fit converters, converter kits).

  • Exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, valves.

  • Evaporative canisters and canister purge valves.

  • Positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV, valves.


On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, Information for Technicians

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