To assist individuals, local governments, agencies, and businesses seeking the professional experience of historians, archaeologists or architectural historians to conduct survey work for Section 106 Review or National Register preparation, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has developed Requests for Qualifications to identify individuals who meet the Professional Qualification Standards set in

Consultants who meet the qualifications in either of the above categories and wish to be included in the lists are invited to submit the appropriate forms together with supporting materials:

The resulting lists are not intended to be all inclusive and federal agencies, recipients of federal funds or others hiring consultants are not required to select from these lists. All consultants who request inclusion and who meet the professional qualifications outlined in federal regulations will be included. The inclusion of a consultant on this list is not an endorsement, sanction, or certification of that consultant by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources or by the State of Missouri. The department attempts to systematically update these lists annually.

For additional information on the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards, see 36 CFR Part 61; 48 FR 44716, available online at