The department produces videos about a variety of topics.  Some of these and other videos are available on our MissouriDNR and Missouri State Parks YouTube channels.

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You are Always Welcome in Missouri State Parks

Each year, millions of visitors enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and exploring Missouri’s 88 state parks and historic sites. Length: 3:43

Missouri Wetlands: A Vanishing Resource

Exploring Missouri's Wetlands title card.

Find out about natural wetlands specific to Missouri and why they are so valuable. Length: 22:27

The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax

The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax supports the state park system and efforts to stop soil erosion. Length: 3:04

Working for you: The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax

The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax supports the state park system and efforts to stop soil erosion. Length: 5:00

Drinking Water 101: Drinking Water Sources in Missouri

Drinking water faucet.

A safe, reliable water supply is critical to the success of any community. The department helps ensure Missourians receive safe drinking water by assisting public water systems in compliance with safe drinking water laws and regulations.
Length: 2:00

Drinking Water 101: Monitoring and Treatment in Missouri

Boy drinking a glass of water.

A safe, reliable water supply is critical to the success of any community.  Treating surface water helps ensure Missourians receive safe drinking water.
Length: 3:37

What You Should Know About Asbestos

Click to launch the video.

Find out what you should do if you plan to renovate or demolish structures containing asbestos.
Length: 2:55

Determining Recreational Use Through Use Attainability Analysis

Click here to view the UAA video.

See how environmental specialists designate recreational uses in Missouri.
Length: 3:00

Preparing Storage Tanks for Flood Zones

Flooded area showing above ground storage tanks.

Prior to flooding in southeast Missouri, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources prepared the area by helping remove or secure many above ground or underground storage tanks that could leak pollution if damaged by the flood waters.
Length: 8:15

Webb City Route 66 Information Center redevelopment

Route 66 Information Center in Webb City, Missouri.

Webb City officials contacted the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Tanks Section for advice about how to clean up and redevelop the abandoned gas station that is now a Route 66 Information Center.
Length: 3:21

Treecycling and Christmas Holiday Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Tips

Treecycling is one way to have a green Christmas.

Careful consideration during the purchase of gifts will reduce the amount of useless packaging material, unusable product or senseless do-dads that end up in the wastebasket before Christmas day is over.
Length: 1:52

Green Holiday Shopping Tips Videos

Drawing of a snowflake.

  1. Green Holiday Shopping

  2. Reusing Holiday Gift Bags

  3. Use Recyclable Holiday Wrapping Paper

  4. Christmas Trees

Composting Videos

Icon Ecology

  1. A Variety of Composting Bins Length: 3:12

  2. Making An Environmental Difference by Composting Length: 1:53

  3. How to Compost Kitchen Waste Length: 1:55

A Green Clean: Using the Sun to Clean a Rolla Dry Cleaner Site

Solar panels are being used to power a water pump at a Rolla dry cleaner site.

A solar powered pump is being used to clean up groundwater contaminated by solvents at a Rolla, Missouri dry cleaner site.
Length: 3:02

Joplin Tornado Environmental Emergency Cleanup

Missouri Department of Natural Resources hazardous materials response professionals worked on environmental clean up following the May 2011 Joplin, Mo. tornado.
Length: 2:45

Educational Videos

Break it Down: The Compost Connection -- VID1013

Break It Down: The Compost Connection video grab image number 1

Composting can save landfill space and help you create rich fertilizer for your garden.
Part 1 | Part 2

Break It Down! The Compost Connection, Grades 4 to 8 Video Supplement--PUB697

Groundwater: A Hidden Resource -- VID1014

River scene from the video Groundwater: The Hidden Resource

Find out about Missouri's groundwater resources
Length: 16:35 (33MB)

Techno 2100

Keeping Our Waters Clean logo

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources helped sponsor the national TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) video to educate the public about TMDL issues.
Length: 44:05 (170MB)

Talkin' Trash - The Buy Recycled Loop -- VID1015

Talkin' Trash video grab image

Discover how you can keep trash out of Missouri's landfills by recycling and other ways.
Length: 16:29 (65MB)

High Performance Building: Perspective and Practice
Video courtesy of The Rocky Mountain Institute

High Performance Building: Perspective and Practice Video

Rocky Mountain Institute and the U.S. Green Building Council have partnered to produce a compelling film that documents the business case for building green. Thirteen LEED projects are profiled. This film features interviews with the CEOs, business executives, developers, school administrators, government officials, building managers, and design professionals who recognize the real benefits of going green.
Length: 29:01

Saving Our Soil

Talkin' Trash video grab image

The Saving Our Soil video and accompanying teacher's guide is targeted at upper elementary and middle school grades. This fast-paced, fun, colorful video is shot in three parts. It covers soil formation, erosion and what people can do to protect and conserve soil.

For more information, contact the Soil and Water Conservation Program at 800-361-4827 or your county soil and water conservation district.

Enforcement and Illegal Dumping Videos

The department uses surveillance cameras at dumpsites across Missouri to combat illegal dumping. The goal is to educate people and provide alternative options, such as obtaining commercial trash service or using a permitted landfill, transfer station or recycling facility for environmentally sound disposal.

Illegal Dumping Videos