Please be aware that any information you provide to the Department on this form may be subject to disclosure upon request.

  • An average hourly rate for clerical staff to make copies.
  • Research time required to fulfill the request may be charged at the actual cost of research time. This is the time used to search the records and to review the records for responsiveness and exemption.
  • Standard charges for reproduced materials.
    • Copies less than 9 by 14 inches - $0.10
    • Enlarger/printer copies from microfilm originals - $1
    • Printer/plotters from digital files or paper copy (oversize copies) - $3 per sheet
    • Microfilm/microfiche from original or diazo microfilm - $2
    • 100’ roll silver microfilm (16mm or 35mm) - $30
    • CD ROM - $3 per CD
  • Electronic records and emails - actual cost of production and delivery
  • Actual shipping or delivery costs.
    • FAX (1-10 pages - No charge) (More than 10 pages - $2 per page or suggest the copies be mailed
    • Fed Ex, UPS, US Postal Service, etc - Charges either to the requester's account or the actual cost of shipping .
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