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Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

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November 20, 2020
10:00 a.m.

A.        Call to Order and Introductions                                                                            Cindy McDaniel

B.        Minutes from July 17, 2020 (Approval Needed)                                                   Cindy McDaniel

C.        Agenda Review                                                                                                      Michelle Diedriech

D.        Remarks and Comments (Information Only)                                                          Cindy McDaniel

E.        Consideration of Nominations (Approval Needed)

Note:   Council members have received all written submissions prior to the meeting and will vote immediately following the presentation and comment period. The MOACHP Chair will announce time limits for presentations and public comment. There will be an opportunity for Council members to ask questions and offer comments or concerns after each nomination is presented, followed by an opportunity for comment from the public before closing the nomination.

Draft Nominations Scheduled for Review:

Hazelle Inc. Building , 1224 Admiral Boulevard,  Kansas City, Jackson County

Oakwood Country Club, 9800 Grandview Road, Kansas City, Jackson County

Archbishop O’Hara School, 9001 James A. Reed Road, Kansas City, Jackson County

J.B. Bruns Shoe Co. Building, 627 W. McCarty Street, Jefferson City, Cole County

Giesecke-D’Oench-Hays Shoe Factory, 1101 E. Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, Cole County

Waggener Dairy Barn, 1700 Boyce Lane, Festus (vicinity), Jefferson County

Goodwill Building, 4140 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis [Independent City]

Harrison School, 235 E. Howard Street, Tipton, Moniteau County

Approval needed to close out the National Register portion of the meeting prior to moving to part F.

F.         Presentation of Unmarked Human Burial Cases                                                  Amy Rubingh

Note: In accordance with RSMo. 194.400-410 all cases that are being presented today do not apply to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) based on osteological and contextual evidence. 

  1. 003-CL-17, Clay County, Human remains found at Downtown Kansas City Airport contextual evidence indicates that the burial is historic.
  2. 004-JA-17, Jackson County, Remains found near Kansas City Zoo along a creek where they appear to have been washed out of an unknown location and redeposited near the zoo.
  3. 007-JA-08, Jackson County, Human teeth found at the Barrio Site which was a ca. 1920-1960s Mexican railroad workers' neighborhood the teeth are interpreted as resulting from normal childhood tooth loss.
  4. 008-CK-99, Clark County, Remains purchased from a store in Texas or Arkansas in the 1970s and could be a souvenir or anatomic specimen of unknown age.
  5. 96-003, St. Charles County, The remains from the 19th century Lindsay Cemetery which had previously been relocated. Coffin and clothing design suggest the deceased were interred in the1850s or 1860s.
  6. 98-SC-14, St. Charles County, Construction activities discovered the remains of 4 burials possibly relating to a Keithly Family Burying Ground from the 1800s who owned the land at that time.

Approval needed to close out the Unmarked Human Burial cases portion of the meeting prior to moving to part G.                                                                                              

G.        2021 Council Elections (Approval Needed)                                                             Cindy McDaniel

H.        DNR Reports and Updates (Information Only)         

    1. Director’s Comments                                                                                        Toni Prawl
    2. Program Updates                                                                                              Michelle Diedriech

I.          Open Comment Session (Information Only)

This segment of the meeting affords the public an opportunity to comment on any other issues pertinent to the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

J.         Future Meeting Dates (Information Only)                                                               Michelle Diedriech

March 5, 2021
Meeting will likely be held virtually.
Meeting details will be posted on the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office’s website prior to the meeting.

July 9, 2021
Location TBD

November 5, 2021
Location TBD

K.        Closed Session                                                                                                         Cindy McDaniel

This portion of the meeting may be closed if such action is approved by a majority vote of the Missouri Advisory Council of Historic Preservation members who constitute a quorum, pursuant to Section 610.021, RSMo.

L.        Meeting Adjournment (Approval Needed)                                                                Cindy McDaniel

Note: Anyone requiring special services at the meeting can make arrangements by calling 1-800-361-4827 or 573-751-7860. Hearing- and speech-impaired individuals may contact the department through Relay Missouri, 1-800-735-2966.