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Multiple Property Cover Documents spanning multiple counties in Missouri

Antebellum Resources of Johnson, Lafayette, Peltis and Saline Counties

Cherokee Trail of Tears in Missouri, 1837-1839

E.C.W. Architecture in Missouri State Parks 1933-1942

Historic and Architectural Resources of the Mark Twain National Forest

Historic and Historical Archaeological Resources of the Cherokee Trail of Tears

Missouri Ozarks Rural Schools

One-Teacher Public Schools of Missouri

Prehistoric Rock Shelter and Cave Sites in Southwestern Missouri MPS

Route 66 in Missouri

Rural Church Architecture in Missouri, c. 1819 to c. 1945

Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail

Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail - Amendment

Upper Mississippi River 9-Foot Navigation Project

The National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form (NPS 10-900-b) nominates groups of related significant properties. On it, the themes, trends, and patterns of history shared by the properties are organized into historic contexts and the property types that represent those historic contexts are defined.

The Multiple Property Documentation Form is a cover document and not a nomination in its own right.  It serves as a basis for evaluating the National Register eligibility of related properties. It may be used to nominate and register thematically-related historic properties simultaneously or to establish the registration requirements for properties that may be nominated in the future. The nomination of each building, site, district, structure or object within a thematic group is made on the National Register Registration Form (NPS 10-900). The name of the thematic group, denoting the historical framework of nominated properties, is the multiple property listing. When nominated and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Multiple Property Documentation Form, together with individual Registration Forms, constitute a multiple property submission.

For more information regarding Mutiple Property Cover Documents please consult National Register Bulletin 16B: "How to Complete the National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form."