Below are maps from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) online Geographic Information System (GIS) map gallery. Click on a map or a bold map title to invoke the interactive map viewer.

The SHPO makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the data. The methods and data sources used to compile the maps vary. Those doing Section 106 projects in Missouri should be advised that use of SHPO Web-based GIS applications does not constitute a full background search. The gallery will be updated as significant additions and changes to the underlying data occur. For more information about an historic property, contact the Historic Survey and Registration section at (573) 522-2473 or via email; for more information about a GIS map, contact the Cultural Resources Inventory at (573) 751-4589 or via email.

Click on the map titles or the Missouri maps below to invoke the interactive map viewer.

National Register Sites and Districts, Certified Local Districts and Architectural Surveys.

This map shows all current national registered historic sites and districts, and certified local districts within the state. The map also shows architectural surveys that have been digitized by our office.

Archaeology Viewer

Allows those doing preliminary archaeological background research to view site and survey data in the SHPO GIS database.

Pursuant to the federal regulations, access to archaeological GIS data is restricted to professional archaeologists, those working/studying under the direct supervision of a professional archaeologist, or entities or personnel that have a legitimate "need to know" as determined by the SHPO. Be advised that the data displayed in the Viewer application is constantly updated and cannot be regarded as wholly complete. To subscribe to either the Archaeology Editor or Archaeology Viewer service, contact the Cultural Resources Inventory Coordinator at (573) 751-4589 or via email