Historic Preservation Fund Grants

HPF Grant Application Webinar Video– The Federal Fiscal Year 2020 application period closed on 8/16/2019.

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 authorizes a program of annual federal matching grants, known as the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) to assist states in carrying out historic preservation activities. The program is sponsored by the Department of the Interior, National Park Service (NPS), and in Missouri, is administered through the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Under changes made to the Act in 1980, each state is required to pass-through a minimum of 10 percent (10%) of their Historic Preservation Fund monies for exclusive use by Certified Local Governments (CLGs).

Certified Local Governments, all county governmental entities, municipalities and qualified non-profit organizations with historic preservation mission are eligible to apply for the Historic Preservation Fund Grants. However, only applications from Certified Local Governments will be considered for the mandated 10 percent pass-through funds. Once the 10 percent pass through funding has been adequately awarded, all remaining grant applications will be considered equally.

The Historic Preservation Fund pass-through grants can fund projects that relate directly to the identification, evaluation or protection of historic properties. The selection process for these limited funds will be competitive.

The Department of Natural Resources is now using an online Funding Opportunities Portal to receive, award and manage grants. This system provides for entities applying for funding to submit their application, track the status of the award and to submit invoices and reports electronically. Project sponsors will need to request access to the system so they may submit the grant application in the portal.

To request access to the system:

  • Go to the Department’s Funding Opportunities Portal.
  • Under New User, click the “Click Here” link to request an account.
  • Complete and submit the Funding Opportunity Portal Access Request form.
  • Check Historic Preservation at the bottom of the form, in the section used to indicate the program(s) in which the project sponsor is interested in applying for financial assistance. Project sponsors may select other options in addition to Historic Preservation. This form may take 24 to 48 hours to process. Once processed, the project sponsor will receive an email with log-on credentials.

Final applications will be scored based on the proposed project's contribution to Missouri's statewide preservation goals as noted in the Missouri Statewide Preservation Plan and the technical quality of the application.

For more information or assistance with historic preservation fund grants, please contact our office via email, or by calling 573-751-7958.