Bolton, Lewis, House, 9514 MO W, Wardsville (8/20/99)

Bockrath, Henry and Elizabeth, House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 309 W. Dunkin St., Jefferson City (4/23/13)

Broadway-Dunklin Historic District (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF; map), most of 600 Blk of Broadway, and the 200 and 300 Blks of West Dunklin St., Jefferson City (11/14/02)

Burch, Nelson C. and Gertrude A., House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 115 W. Atchison St., Jefferson City (1/08/03)

Burch, Oscar G. and Mary H., House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 924 Jefferson St., Jefferson City (11/15/02)

Capitol Avenue Historic District, roughly Capitol Ave., from Adams to Cherry streets, Jefferson City  (12/28/05)

Cole County Courthouse and Jail-Sheriff's House, Monroe and E High streets, Jefferson City (4/03/73)

Cole County Historical Society Building, 109 Madison St., Jefferson City (5/21/69)

Dulle Farmstead Historic District, 1101 Hwy. 54 W, Jefferson City (12/30/93)

East End Drugs, 630 E. High St., Jefferson City (8/21/03)

Garnett Farm Historic District, 7119 MO 179, Centertown vic. (5/31/16)

Gay Archaeological Site, address restricted (1/25/71)

Gensky, H. E., Grocery Store Building, 423 Cherry St., Jefferson City (6/6/01)

Grove, Claud D. and Berenice Sinclair Grove House, 505 E. State St., Jefferson City (11/14/02)

Haar, Herman, House, 110 Bolivar St., Jefferson City (5/02/97)

Hess, Philip, House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 714 Washington St., Jefferson City (11/15/02)

Hobo Hill Historic District, 500 blks. of E. Miller and Jackson streets, Jefferson City (1/02/13)

Ivy Terrace (Governor Lon Vest Stephens House), 500 E Capitol Ave., Jefferson City (3/16/90)

Jefferson City Community Center, 608 E Dunklin St., Jefferson City (5/14/92)

Jefferson City National Cemetery (Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPDF), 1024 E McCarty St., Jefferson City (10/01/98)

Jefferson Female Seminary, 416 and 420 E State St., Jefferson City (2/24/00)

Kaullen Mercantile Co., 900 and 902 E. High St., Jefferson City (11/21/02)

Lansdown-Higgins, House, 5240 Tanner Bridge Rd., Jefferson City vic. (11/12/99)

Lincoln University Hilltop Campus Historic District (map), 820 Chestnut St., Jefferson City (4/28/83)

Lincoln University Hilltop Campus Historic District (Boundary Increase; map), 820 Chestnut St., Jefferson City (8/21/02)

Lohman's Landing Building, Jefferson and Water streets, Jefferson City (2/25/69)

Missouri Governor's Mansion, 100 Madison St., Jefferson City (5/21/69)

Missouri State Capitol Building and Grounds (map), High St. between Broadway and Jefferson streets, Jefferson City (6/23/69)

Missouri State Capitol Historic District (map), bounded roughly by Adams, McCarty, Mulberry streets, and the Missouri River, Jefferson City (6/18/76)

Missouri State Capitol Historic District (Boundary Increase; map), 200 Blk. of W. McCarty St. and 406-408 Washington St., Jefferson City (7/17/02)

Missouri State Penitentiary Warden's House, 700 E Capitol, Jefferson City (10/24/91)

Moreau Drive Historic District, Moreau & Elmerine Drs., Fairmount Blvd., Oakwood Ave., Fairmount Ct., Lee St. Moreland Ave., Jefferson City (12/11/13)

Moreau Park Historic District, 3714 Old Wardsville Rd., Jefferson City vic. (9/30/09)

Munichburg Commercial Historic District (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 114-130 (even only) E. Dunklin St., 610, 620 Madison St., 704 Madison St., Jefferson City (7/01/09)

Parker, Lester S. and Missouri "Zue" Gordon, House, 624 E. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City (6/15/2000)

Porth, Dr. Joseph P. and Effie, House, 631 West Main St., Jefferson City (1/26/01)

Ruthven, John B. and Elizabeth, House, 406 W Cherry St., Jefferson City (05/26/00)

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church and Rectory (Rural Church Architecture of Missouri, c. 1819 to c. 1945 MPDF), 7319 Co. Rd. M, Taos (3/22/16)

Schmidt, Charles J. and Clara B. House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 215 W. Atchison St., Jefferson City (1/07/03)

Sommerer, John M. and Lillian, House, 2023 W. Main St., Jefferson City (6/12/07)

Stephens, Hugh and Bessie, House, 601 Jackson St., Jefferson City (5/12/09)

Tergin Apartment Building, 201 W McCarty St., Jefferson City (4/22/99)

Thomas, Albert and Wilhelmina, House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 224 W. Elm St., Jefferson City (11/14/02)

Villa Panorama, 1310 Swifts Hwy., Jefferson City (1/03/85)

Wallendorf, Joseph and Elizabeth, House, 701 S. Country Club Dr., Jefferson City (4/04/08)

West End Saloon, 700-702 W. Main St., Jefferson City (6/27/14)

Woodland-Old City Cemetery, 1022 & 1000 E McCarty St., Jefferson City (7/23/18)

Zion Lutheran Church, 2346 Zion Road, Jefferson City vic. (11/15/00)

Zuendt, William E. and Frederica M., House (Historic Southside (Munichburg) MPDF), 920 Jefferson St., Jefferson City (11/15/02)

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