Aker Cemetery, NE of Smithville off MO W (11/13/74)

Antioch Christian Church, 4805 NE Antioch Rd., Kansas City (4/02/79)

Armour Theatre Building, 400-410 Armour Rd., North Kansas City (6/24/08)

Arthur-Leonard Historic District (Liberty MPS; map [see note]), roughly bounded by Ford Ave., Jewell, Choctaw, and Missouri streets, Liberty (1/4/01)

Atkins-Johnson Farmhouse Property, 6508 N Jackson Ave., Gladstone (11/07/07)

Clay County Savings Association Building (Liberty MPS), 104 E Franklin, Liberty (12/28/92)

Claybrook House, Kearney vicinity (12/21/81)

Clinton House, 404 S Leonard St., Liberty (11/22/78)

Colonial Hotel, 328 E Broadway, Excelsior Springs (6/24/10)

Compton, Dr. James, House, 5410 NE Oak Ridge Rd., Kansas City (7/10/79)

Dougherty-Prospect Heights Historic District (Liberty MPS;map [see note]), roughly bounded by Mississippi, Gallatin, and Schrader streets, and Fairview Ave., Liberty (1/4/01)

Downtown Smithville Historic District, roughly bounded by Bridge, Church, Commercial & Meadow Sts., Smithville (4/21/14)

Elms Hotel, Regent and Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs (3/29/85)

Elms, The, Historic District (Historic Resources of Excelsior Springs, Missouri MPS), roughly 400 blk. Regent Ave., 500 blk. Elms Blvd., 500-600 blks. Kansas City Ave., Excelsior Springs (3/31/14)

Excelsior Springs Hall of Waters Commercial East Historic District, roughly along portions of E and W Broadway and Main St., Excelsior Springs (5/27/99)

Excelsior Springs Hall of Waters Commercial West Historic District, roughly along portions of Thompson and St. Louis avenues, South, Main, Marietta, and Spring streets, and Elm Blvds., Excelsior Springs (5/27/99)

First Methodist Church, 114 N. Marietta St., Excelsior Springs (10/28/09)

Garrison School Historic District (Liberty MPS; map [see note]), roughly along North Main and North Water streets, Liberty (1/4/01)

Hall of Waters (Siloam Park and Springs; map [see note]), 201 E Broadway, Excelsior Springs (6/09/83)

Hughes, Frank, Memorial Library (Liberty MPS), 210 E Franklin, Liberty (12/28/92)

IOOF Liberty Lodge #49 (Liberty MPS), 16-18 E Franklin, Liberty (12/28/92)

James Brothers' House and Farm (Birthplace of Jesse James), 2.25 mi. NE of Kearney  (3/16/72); boundary increase (9/27/78)

Jewell Hall, Jewell St. between Kansas and Mississippi streets, Liberty (9/06/78)

Jewell-Lightburne Historic District (Liberty MPS; map [see note]), roughly bounded by North Jewell, East Mill, Main and Gordon streets, Liberty (1/4/01)

Ligon Apartments, 211 E Excelsior St., Excelsior Springs (5/17/10)

Major Hotel (Liberty MPS), 112 E Franklin, Liberty (12/28/92)

Miller Building (Liberty MPS), 2 E Franklin, Liberty (12/28/92)

Missouri City Savings Bank Building and Meeting Hall, 417-419 Main St, Missouri City (7/30/10)

Mt. Memorial Cemetery, 500 blk. E. Mississippi St., Liberty (4/24/12)

Nebo Hill Archaeological Site, address restricted (3/04/71)

Odd Fellows Home District (map [see note]), MO 291, Liberty (9/15/87)

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Warehouse Building, 715 Armour Rd., N Kansas City (5/09/97)

South Liberty Courthouse Square Historic District (Liberty MPS; map [see note]), S Main and E Kansas streets, Liberty (12/28/92)

Watkins Mill (Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site), 6 mi. NW of Excelsior Springs (11/13/66; NHL 11/13/66)

West Liberty Courthouse Square Historic District (Liberty MPS; map [see note]), N Main St., Liberty (12/28/92)

Wheeling Corrugating Co. Building, 820 E 14th Ave., N Kansas City (10/21/94)

Woodneath (Eldridge Arnold Homestead), 8900 NE Flintlock Rd., Kansas City (2/17/78)

Wyman School, 100 Dunbar St., Excelsior Springs (7/24/08)

*Each bold-faced link in the list above leads to a word-searchable of the NATIONAL REGISTER NOMINATION for that resource; other links provide maps or additional context for the resource. The items may be downloaded (right-click) or viewed in your Web browser (double-click). File sizes range from 1 MB to several hundred MB, the time required for loading will depend on your connection speed. You may obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader software required to read the materials by visiting our Help page.

*Please note that the maps and nominations reflect the terms used to categorize significance at the time the properties were listed in the National Register. A district or building that may have been determined to be a contributing element in a district when it was listed in the National Register may have been so altered since that point that it is no longer a certified historic district or a certified historic structure for the purposes of historic rehabilitation tax credits — this determination is made based on the nomination supplemented by recent photographs provided with the Part 1 (federal) or Part 1a (state) form submitted at the beginning of any historic rehab tax credit project.  Also note that Thematic Resource (TR) and Multiple Resource Area (MRA) nominations were essentially survey documents; ONLY the individual properties or districts listed on this Web page were actually listed in the National Register. Finally, nominations for some properties and districts are provided for their historical value -- the resource itself may have vanished.