The Missouri State Historic Preservation Office has collected data on more than 17,500 archaeological sites. Information gathered on these resources is housed in the SHPO's Missouri Cultural Resource Inventory.

Amateurs as well as professionals are encouraged to document and report archaeological sites for inclusion in the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office Site File.

Missouri Guidelines for Phase I Archaeological Surveys and Reports are available online. The SHPO's archaeological site form is available in two formats:

Note icon. Regardless of the form you choose, maps (items 40-41) are required; these may be submitted via mail or email to the address provided on the form you have selected.

Upon receipt of a completed form, a SHPO staff member will register the site, issue a site number and enter it into the SHPO's statewide GIS (geographic information systems) database in order to electronically document and help protect Missouri's valuable cultural resources.

In addition, Archaeology Editor, a password-protected service for those doing archaeological projects in Missouri, allows professionals in the field to input their own site and survey data into the SHPO archaeology database via any high-speed web connection.

Archaeology Viewer is a second password-protected tool. It allows those doing preliminary archaeological background research to view site and survey data in the SHPO GIS database. Be advised that the data displayed in the Viewer application is constantly updated and cannot be regarded as wholly complete.

Pursuant to federal regulations, archaeological GIS data is restricted. to professional archaeologists, those working/studying under the direct supervision of a professional archaeologist, or entities or additional specific personnel. To subscribe to either the Archaeology Editor or Archaeology Viewer service, contact the Section 106 Compliance Coordinator at (573) 751-7862 or via email.

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