Adair County Courthouse, Washington St., Kirksville (8/11/78)

Bear Creek Baptist Church, Kirksville vicinity (3/29/84)

Cabins Historic District, Novinger vicinity (7/17/79)

Dockery Hotel, Elson and McPherson Sts., Kirksville (2/10/83) (destroyed 1991)

First Presbyterian Church, 201 S. High St., Kirksville (7/10/17)

Grim Building, 113-115 E Washington St., Kirksville (6/27/79)

Adair County CourthouseAdair County Courthouse

Harris, Capt. Thomas C., House, 1308 N Franklin St., Kirksville (10/15/73)

Journal Printing Co. Building, 119 S. Elson St., Kirksville (7/14/11)

Kirksville Courthouse Square Historic District, 200 block N. Franklin St., 100 block E. Harrison St., 100 block W. Harrison St., Kirksville (5/21/09)

Laughlin, Drs. George and Blanche, House, 706 S. Halliburton St., Kirksville (3/11/14)

Lincoln School, 907 S. Wbash St., Kirksville (1/31/17)

Masonic Temple, 217 E. Harrison St., Kirksville, 1/07/10

St. Mary's Church, MO 11, Adair (12/16/74)

Salisbury School, MO K, Kirksville vic. (One- Teacher Public Schools of Missouri, c. 1774 to 1973 MPDF) (10/23/2017)

Smith, Dr. E. Sanborn, House, 111 E. Patterson St., Kirksville (1/30/09)

Smith, Orie, Black and White Stock Farm Historic District, ½ mile SE of junction of MO Highway P and County Road 129B, Kirksville vicinity (1/16/01)

Sojourners Club, 211 S. Elson St., Kirksville (3/11/14)

Thousand Hills State Park Petroglyphs Archaeological Site, address restricted (1/23/70)

Travelers Hotel, 301 W. Washington St., Kirksville (9/16/09)

Trinity Episcopal Church, 124 N Mulanix St., Kirksville (1/02/08)

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*Please note that the maps and nominations reflect the terms used to categorize significance at the time the properties were listed in the National Register. A district or building that may have been determined to be a contributing element in a district when it was listed in the National Register may have been so altered since that point that it is no longer a certified historic district or a certified historic structure for the purposes of historic rehabilitation tax credits — this determination is made based on the nomination supplemented by recent photographs provided with the Part 1 (federal) or Part 1a (state) form submitted at the beginning of any historic rehab tax credit project.  Also note that Thematic Resource (TR) and Multiple Resource Area (MRA) nominations were essentially survey documents; ONLY the individual properties or districts listed on this Web page were actually listed in the National Register. Finally, nominations for some properties and districts are provided for their historical value -- the resource itself may have vanished.