PUB 98 - Oil and Gas Well Permits

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

Oil and Gas Well Permits

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Geological Survey
Geological Survey Program
P.O. Box 250, 111 Fairground Road
Rolla, MO 65402-0250

Construction Operating Permits

Regulated Activities: Construction and operation of all oil, gas and injection wells related to oil or gas production.

Fees: None

Required Documents: Completed application package, which includes organization report form, bond, survey and completion reports. Contact the Missouri Geologic Survey at 573-368-2100 or go to for an application package.

Length of Permit: Life of the well operation. Injection well permits are reviewed every five years.

Average Processing Time: 15 days

Public Participation: None for oil and gas production wells; injection wells require a public notice and 15 day comment period.

Applicable Statutes: RSMo 259.010 through 259.230

Applicable Rules: 10 CSR 50-1.010 through 50-5.010