PUB595 - Oil and Gas Wells

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Oil and Gas Wells
The State Oil and Gas Council implements RSMo Chapter 259 pertaining to oil and gas wells in Missouri. The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible for implementing Oil and Gas Council regulations 10 CSR 50 which administers the operation and construction of oil and gas wells throughout Missouri. In addition to the State Oil and Gas Council’s regulations, injection and disposal wells are also are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency's Underground Injection Control Program (UIC). Missouri Geological Survey plays an important role in administering the UIC program.

Oil and gas wells in Missouri are divided into two categories: commercial oil and gas wells and private gas wells.

Prior to drilling either type of well, certain forms must be completed and submitted to the department. The required forms are available online. For more information about forms and permits, or to receive a paper copy of an oil or gas form, contact the Geological Survey Program at 573-368-2100.

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