PUB595 - Dam and Reservoir Safety

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

Dam and Reservoir Safety

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Geological Survey
Dam and Reservoir Safety Program
PO Box 250, 111 Fairgrounds Road
Rolla, MO 65402-0250

Dam and reservoir safety for nonfederal, nonagricultural dams 35 feet or more in height is overseen in Missouri by the Dam and Reservoir Safety Program. The program administers the Dam and Reservoir Safety Law RSMo 236.400 through 236.500 and rules10 CSR 22-3.020, 22-3.030, 22-3.040 and 22-3.050 with general guidance provided by the Dam and Reservoir Safety Council.

Minimum safety standards set by the Dam and Reservoir Safety Council must be met before permits for construction and operation of regulated dams are issued.

Construction and modification of all non-federal and non-agricultural dams at least 35 feet tall require a Construction Permit. No fees are associated with the permit. The permits are issued for up to one year, but an extension can be requested as needed to complete the project.

Applicants submit a completed construction application form, plans, specifications, engineering calculations and certifications.

Within two months time of the completion of dam construction, the owner provides notification that construction is complete through the Safety Permit Application. The engineer responsible for construction of the dam certifies it was built substantially according to plans and specifications, and if any revisions were made, they do not endanger public safety, life or property.

The Dam and Reservoir Safety Program inspects dams. These inspections provide the basis for the owner to submit the Registration Permit Application. This registration and subsequent renewals show that the dam has been inspected as to compliance and that the owner has corrected any observed defects.

These forms are available online. For further information or assistance contact the Dam and Reservoir Safety Program at 573-368-2175.