A Guide to Permit Transfers

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

In Missouri’s active business climate, it is not unusual for firms to change ownership. We at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources are made aware of scores of ownership changes each year. It is often the case that environmental permits held by the seller may be directly transferred to the buyer without going through the entire permitting process again. However, since ownership change is not a routine occurrence for most companies, there are not many people familiar with the procedures for transferring ownership of environmental permits. This publication is to help the buyer and seller answer many of the initial questions and smooth the
overall transfer process.

Specifically, this publication will give information and guidance on which permits can be transferred, the nature of information required, public notice requirements, forms, fees, timing and who to contact. This publication is not intended to replace personal contact with the department, but it will help buyers and sellers early in the process with the information needed to assure continuity of environmental permits.

The publication is set up as a series of tables, each table covering the permits or registrations of a program within the department that can be transfered. Forms that are available on-line will have the appropriate web page citation noted on the tables. Forms not available on-line can be obtained by contacting the program listed on the table. Again, we urge you to contact the appropriate programs for specific details on permit transfer. When you contact them, have the existing permit numbers on hand to allow ready reference.

Call the department for basic information about permitting or see our online publication Environmental Permits and How To Obtain Them. If you need multiple permits, you may contact the department at 800-361-4827 to assist in arranging a one stop pre-application meeting. For a map and list of the department’s regional offices is available online or contact the Division of Environmental Quality at 800-361-4827.

Permits are a necessary part of the environmental business because it is your first and best opportunity at assuring environmental protection and compliance. It is the department’s goal to make the permitting process as timely, protective and cost effective as possible. If you have suggestions as to how improvements can be made we would certainly like to hear from you.

Good luck in your business and environmental endeavors.

Permit Transfer Requirement Tables

Air Pollution Control Program
Hazardous Waste Program
Land Reclamation Program
Solid Waste Management Program
Water Protection Program
        Public Drinking Water Branch
        Water Pollution Control Branch
Water Resources Center