Winter Heating Cost Information and Heating Tips

Division of Energy fact sheet
Division of Energy Director: Craig Redmon

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Division of Energy is working to educate the public on ways to increase energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. The center has developed and expanded this website which includes information such as low-cost tips for lowering heating and cooling costs. The following tips below can help the public save energy and money in their residential and commercial buildings while supporting our economy and protecting our energy security.

Winter Heating Cost Information

Snow covering the ground with trees in the background. A creek is pictured running through the center of the photo.Tips for Lowering Home Heating Costs

Statewide Assistance Programs

Natural Gas and Propane Prices

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Winter Heating Tips

Many of the tips below for saving energy at home are adapted from the U.S. Department of Energy's  Energy Savers Consumer Tips website and their Energy Savers booklet. (For a Spanish language version of the Energy Savers page and booklet, visit Ahorro de Energía: Energy Savers in Español.)

Cover art for the Energy Savers publication. The cover art features a house with attached garage in a fenced in yard.Use Furnaces and Heaters Wisely

Weatherize - Air leaks waste energy dollars year-round

For Long Term Savings:

Everyday Tips to To Save Energy

These no-cost or low-cost tips are easy ways to save energy and money all year round.

Many of these same tips are also applicable to savings on summer cooling costs.