Reducing the Impact of Flooding – Private Water Wells

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

Private water wells are vital to farmers and rural residents who do not have access to water from public water systems. In times of flooding, these wells can quickly become conduits for floodwaters – and the pollutants they carry – to contaminate the groundwater that serves not only the farm or residence from which the contamination originated but any well that draws from the same aquifer.

When flooding is imminent, these actions are to be taken by owners of private water wells:
Ensure the well cap is free from cracks and is secured to the well casing. It should fit snugly so potential pollutants don’t find their way into the well system and contaminate groundwater.

Additional guidance regarding water wells that have vents

Additional guidance regarding water wells that do not have vents

Disinfecting private water wells