Water Protection Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

Land Disturbance Permit Fees
Based on revisions to 10 CSR 20-6.011, effective Jan. 1, 2015, permit fees have changed pursuant to §644.054 and §644.057, RSMo. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is required by law to review fee amounts periodically, which may change the fee amounts. The Clean Water Fees help pay in part for the work necessary to run Missouri’s delegated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting program.

According to 10 CSR 20-6.011(2)(E)1.A.-F., permit fees for the discharge of stormwater from a land disturbance site are based on the amount of acreage disturbed.  The language reads:

For Modifications And Ownership Transfers Applications/Permits Only
General operating permits for land disturbance activities cannot be modified after issuance.  When using ePermitting, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure all data are complete and accurate. If errors are found after the permit is paid for and issued, the facility may be required to obtain a new permit and pay another fee.

For Terminations Application Only
No application fee is required for terminating a permit. If a permittee wishes to terminate a land disturbance permit, they must complete Form MO 780-2814 Request for Termination of Operating Permit and submit it to the appropriate regional office based on the county in which the project is located.

Refunds For Land Disturbance Permits
MORAxxxxx Land Disturbance permits are non-refundable. Once a payment is made, it is final. If a permit is purchased in error, there is no way to provide a refund on the permit. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the permit is necessary, and others involved in a project for the same location have not purchased a permit. Two permits purchased by two entities for the same project will not be refunded.

Fee Payments Made Through Jetpay Payment Services, FL, LLC
Payments in ePermitting for MORAxxxxx Land Disturbance permits are made through a secure and confidential third party vender called JetPay Payment Services, FL, LLC (JetPay). When the user is ready to make the payment, the ePermitting system automatically transfers to JetPay .

Accepted Payment Types
The types of payment acceptable are credit card (includes debit card) and electronic checks (eChecks). JetPay accepts Visa®, Master Card®, Discover®, and American Express®.

Processing Fees Associated with JetPay
There is a processing fee of 2.15% on credit and debit card transactions and a flat rate fee of $0.50 on eCheck transactions paid directly to the third party vendor, JetPay, not to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. JetPay reserves the right to electronically debit a $25.00 service charge, if applicable, for processing of an Insufficient Funds or Closed Account transaction from your designated bank account in addition to whatever charges your bank may assess.

Don’t have a credit card or electronic check?
If the user does not have a credit card (or debit card) or the ability to use eChecks, the user cannot use ePermitting. The user must contact the Department’s Central Office and request permission to submit a paper application. It would be rare for a business or individual to not have access to some form of electronic payment.

Why can’t state agencies use ePermitting?
Missouri’s Office of Administration drafted and finalized the State of Missouri’s Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure Manual (revised October 2015). This document, under Section 6.3 Interagency Payments states, “Payments to state agencies are not allowable on the Purchasing Card. Examples include, but are not limited to, payments to the Missouri Vocational Enterprise, Secretary of State, and Division of Professional Registration. Payments for goods or services to state agencies should be processed directly through SAM II Financial.”

This means the Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies cannot use ePermitting to receive an issued permit.

What happens to my application if my payment is not successfully processed?
When the user enters all applicable information on the JetPay site, the system may time out before successfully processing the payment. The JetPay system will generate several different messages detailing any issues that arise. Regardless of the error type, if the payment is not processed, the permit application cannot be finalized (i.e., issued).

The user should verify that all information is correct and the form of payment is acceptable in the ePermitting system. The application will remain in process until the payment is successfully made.

What happens to my application if my payment is successfully processed?
When JetPay successfully processes the payment, the user is transferred to the ePermitting confirmation screen. From this screen, the user must access to the issued Land Disturbance permit via a link. The ePermitting home page also allows access to the issued operating permit.

The user receives two email confirmations after the payment is successfully processed. One email will come from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and one from JetPay.