Water Protection Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

In an effort to more efficiently handle permit applications, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has developed ePermitting to allow users to submit an operating permit application and receive a general missouri state operating permit online.

Individuals are now able to go online, complete an application, locate their project using a state of the art GIS program, submit payment and receive their permit all on the same day.

To ensure the success ePermitting, the department is using a phased approach. The system is currently only able to issue new land disturbance general permits. Future phases will incorporate modifications, renewals and terminations for all general Missouri state operating permits and offer online services for sewer extension construction permits and permits-by-rule.

Department permit writers will be able to focus on and reduce processing time for more complex site-specific permits. They will be able to promote the goals of the department and allow for compliance with applicable permitting requirements.

When will ePermitting be implemented?
Electronic permits became available June 25, 2012. The department accepted traditional paper applications until Sept. 1, 2012. After that time, land disturbance permit applications will only be accepted electronically, unless certain conditions apply.

Which land disturbance activities state operating permit is part of phase 1?
In February 2012, the department combined two of the three land disturbance activities permits together to create two master general permits for land disturbance activities.

The master general permit issued from ePermitting is the MORA00000: Construction or land disturbance activities – clearing, grubbing excavating, grading and other activities that result in the destruction of root zones or land disturbance activity that is reasonably certain to cause pollution to waters of the state.

General permits issued under the MORA0000 master general permit are authorized to discharge stormwater and certain non-stormwater discharges from land disturbance sites that disturb one or more acres or disturb less than one acre when part of a larger common plan of development or sale that will disturb a cumulative total of one or more acres over the life of the project.

What is needed to obtain a Land Disturbance operating permit from ePermitting?

Will the department give training on how to use ePermitting?
Online tutorial videos and the user manual are available at www.dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/epermit/help.htm. Additional training opportunities will be announced on that page as they become available.