Prenotification Requirements

Geological Survey Program fact sheet
Missouri Geological Survey Director: Joe Gillman

Well Contractor Prenotification Requirements
According to 10 CSR 23-1.050(3)(C)11, an applicant who was previously or is currently permitted with the state and does not want to be an apprentice must prenotify any work performed that is regulated by the Missouri Well Construction Rules. The prenotification requirement will be effective for the first full year from the permit issue date. Applicant must notify the Division of Geology and Land Survey of work to be performed at least 24 hours prior to start of regulated work, including:

 Water Well Installation
 Pump Installation
 Heat Pump Installation
 Monitoring Well Installation
 Test Hole Installation
 Reconstruction
 Plugging

A prenotification form must be used when reporting and must include owner name, address, GPS location, type of work to be performed and date work will begin. Prenotification forms may be submitted online by going to this website: Alternatively, this form may be submitted by fax, email, mail. All Wellhead Protection forms can be found on this website:

Emergency Situations
If, due to an emergency, the contractor cannot submit prenotification prior to performing work, the contractor must report the work by the next business day, with explanation of emergency.
Nothing in this document may be used to implement any enforcement action or levy any penalty unless promulgated by rule under chapter 536 or authorized by statute.

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