Hazardous Waste Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Acting Director: Steve Feeler

Beginning Aug. 28, 2009, with the passing of the Missouri Revised Statute 260.392 ( and updated Aug. 28, 2012, shipments of radioactive materials are subject to a fee when traveling in or through the state of Missouri. The fees and other pertinent information are described in more detail in Missouri House Bill 1251, available online at (Pages 17 - 20).

There are five categories of radioactive material and waste:

One of the transportation related changes contained in the 2012 bill is the fee structure for certain shipments. The revised bill changes the fee charged per cask to a fee charged per truck. Fees collected will be used to cover costs incurred by state agencies in activities related to the shipments, such as inspections, providing security escorts and additional oversight and planning activities.

Different fees apply to different types of shipments
Shipments of radioactive material and waste, except low-level radioactive waste, pay $1,800 for each truck, plus a surcharge of $25 per mile for every mile over 200 miles traveled within the state. This includes all high-level radioactive waste, transuranic waste, spent nuclear fuel or highway route controlled quantity shipments traversing the state or any portion thereof more than 30 miles in length.

Rail shipments of high-level radioactive waste, transuranic radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel pay $1,300 for the first cask and $125 for each additional cask for each rail shipment.

Low-level shipments pay $125 for each truck or train moving in or through the state.

Any shipments of radioactive materials from the University of Missouri - Columbia or the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla are exempted from these fees given these institutions are publicly funded. However, the institution would continue to reimburse the Missouri State Highway Patrol directly for the cost of security escorts.

Types of shipments are exempted from paying fees under this statute

Additional information a shipper would find helpful:
At this time, the department cannot accept annual fees or fees in advance of shipment notifications.

A single shipment that travels through Missouri picking up radioactive wastes, even if it should exit the state and return to Missouri, is considered one shipment for fee purposes until the wastes are unloaded at its destination.

Naturally occurring radioactive material waste being shipped out of Missouri for disposal is subject to the low-level radioactive waste shipment fee.

Empty shipment containers being returned to the shipper are not subject to the low-level radioactive waste fee.

If paying by credit card, your credit card payment receipt can be given to your driver as a receipt, as no permit will be issued following payment.

For credit card payments, the department accepts Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

The fees will be used by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Department of Health and Senior Services, Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation for purposes related to:

For Low-Level Radioactive Waste

  1. Complete a Missouri Low-Level Radioactive Waste Shipment Form (780-2146), available online at
  2. Submit this form by email to
  3. Make payments electronically through the department’s online secure payment page at Credit card payments for low-level shipments using Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

You can also mail fees and forms to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Hazardous Waste Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102 prior to the shipment entering the state.

For all other radioactive materials or wastes, first responders in need of radioactive transportation training or for more information about any of these topics in this fact sheet, contact department’s Hazardous Waste Program at 573-751-3907 or email

Additional information is available at: