Major Water Use Online Registration Instructions for First Time Registrants

Water Resources Center fact sheet
Missouri Geological Survey Director: Joe Gillman
  1. A valid email address is required to register major water use with the online Major Water Use Information System.
  2. To begin registering water use visit and select continue.
  3. Select the major water user type that best describes your water use needs: Mine and Quarry, Irrigator or Non-Irrigator.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Determine if you are an existing major water user or not.
    a. An existing major water user has registered water use with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources previously and will have a unique 8-digit major water user identification number.
    b. If you have registered major water use with the department previously but do not know your major water user identification number, please contact an administrator for assistance.
    c. If you have never registered major water use and do not have a major water user identification number then you are considered a new major water user for the purposes of our registration system.
  6. After the required fields have been completed click on the “Request Confirmation” button.
  7. Registrants will promptly receive a confirmation number and an 8-digit major water user identification number at the email account provided. The confirmation number is a required security precaution that validates the email address and is required to access the registration system. The confirmation number is valid for 90 days. The major water user identification is permanent and will be required to register future annual water use or edit saved data. Future access to the online system will require the same email address and same major water user identification number. Contact a major water user administrator if email information needs to be updated.
  8. Retrieve the confirmation number and major water user identification from your email and enter the numbers in the appropriate fields on the registration screen.
  9. Click on the “Register Water Use” button.
  10. Complete the contact information.
  11. Click on “Update Contact Information” and the message: “Update Was Successful” will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  12. Click on “Enter Water Use Info.”
  13. Select which month(s) water use occurred.
  14. Enter the number of days water was used and average daily amount of water used combining all wells or intakes. Select the appropriate units.
  15. Select the categories that best represent the water used and enter percentage(s) that totals 100 percent.
  16. Click on “Save and Continue.” The following message will appear: “Update was successful but the form has not been submitted.”
  17. Click on “Enter New Well or Intake” to enter your total annual water use.
  18. Please complete the well or intake information as thoroughly as possible. If registering as an irrigator your screen will have an “Add New Crop” button. When the well/intake fields are completed click on the “Save Well or Intake” button. If registering multiple wells or intakes repeat steps 17 and 18 until all withdrawals are registered. Note: To ensure data is saved after entering well or intake data it is recommended to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Save and Continue” button after entering data for each well or intake. “Update was successful but the form has not been submitted,” should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  19. After registering all wells and intakes click on the “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the screen. “Update was successful but the form has not been submitted,” should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  20. If you want to save the data but are not ready to submit the record click on the “Close” button. The data will be saved but not submitted and can be re-accessed by going through the steps listed at the beginning of this document.
  21. If the form is complete click on the “Submit” button, you will receive a message reminding you once you submit the record you will not be able to edit it. If you are ready to submit the data as it is click ok. Once the form is submitted the following message will display: “Update and form submission was successful.” Again the record can be accessed by repeating the steps above, but unable to edit the record. If an edit is necessary please contact a major water user administrator.