Job Opportunities - Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources fact sheet
Division of Administrative Support ActingDirector: Janet Mertens

This fact sheet answers frequently asked questions on how to obtain a position with the Department of Natural Resources.

How do I apply for a job with the Department of Natural Resources?

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources falls under the state’s Merit System and you must apply through the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel. For instructions on how to apply, go to

What if I don’t know which job title fits my skills and education?

The Office of Administration has posted all job descriptions. You may find them at Learn more about the pay grids for each class title.

What happens after I submit my merit application?

After you have applied, you will need to take a merit examination. The examination may be a written or oral skill test, an evaluation of education and experience, or any combination of these. After passing the examination your name will be added to a merit register.

When a vacancy occurs, the Department of Natural Resources Human Resources Program requests a certificate of eligible candidates from OA Division of Personnel.

Human Resources will send letters to eligible candidates on the certificate inquiring on their availability for the vacant position. You must respond with the required information to be considered for the position. Based upon a review of your resume and other materials provided, you may then be contacted for an interview. Due to the high number of applications that are generally received, applicants not chosen for an interview will not receive notification from the department. Following interviews, selections are made from the top available applicants listed on the certificate.

Do all merit jobs require tests?

No, not all merit jobs require a written test. It varies among job classifications. OA Division of Personnel will notify you if a test is required. Clerical jobs and some entry-level professional jobs have written tests. Other jobs are based on a rating of education and experience.

What is a register?

A register is a list of applicants who are eligible to be hired for a job classification.

For a Merit System department to consider you for employment, your name must be included on the register for the job classification for which you would like to be considered. The OA Division of Personnel maintains the register of eligible applicants for each job classification and adds names of qualified applicants to those registers.

How will I know when I am on a register?

The Office of Administration will notify you with a verification of your score.

How long will my name stay on the register?

Your name and score are placed on a register or pool of applicants for 12 to 36 months (the length of time varies among job classifications).

How can I find out if you have any job openings?

Currently, DNR does not post open positions. However, for a list of open registers at MoDNR, please visit

How do I update my merit application?

Most updates to your merit application can be made through the EASe website ( However, some updates such as a name change, may require you to contact the Office of Administration’s Personnel Division. You may do so via phone at 573-751-4162, mail at PO Box 388, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0388, or email at

What happens if the class I want to apply for is closed for recruitment?

If the classification you wish to apply for is currently closed, check the open merit registers list at frequently until it appears on the list.

Where can I find the transfer and reemployment form?

Employees and former employees of UCP (Uniform Classification and Pay) agencies have the option of applying directly to agencies for transfer and reemployment opportunities, or applying directly to the Division of Personnel to request that their name be placed on transfer and reemployment lists. The transfer and reemployment lists, maintained by the Division of Personnel, are optional for use by the agencies and do not necessarily guarantee consideration for transfer and reemployment opportunities.

Visit to open the form as either a Word or PDF document. Complete the form and email to the Division of Personnel at

Or mail or fax it to:
OA Division of Personnel
PO Box 388
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Fax (573) 526-5382

Because the transfer and reemployment lists are optional for agency use, we suggest you also contact our department recruiter, Tiffani Martin, at if you are looking for transfer or reemployment opportunities in the Department of Natural Resources.

For More Information

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Or contact:
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
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