Missouri Emissions Inventory Systems Quick Start Guide

Air Pollution Control Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

The Missouri Emissions Inventory System (MoEIS) is an online database that allows you to submit all emissions data electronically to fulfi ll state reporting requirements. The information that you supply helps our offi ce track air quality throughout the state and determines appropriate fees.

Here is how you can start saving time and money by reporting your emissions with MoEIS.

How to log on
1. Call the Missouri Department of Natural Resources at 866-663-4748 to get your user I.D. and password and log in on the MoEIS home page at https://www.dnr.mo.gov/moeis/main/login.
2. From the Welcome Page, read items on the Message Board, follow the link to update your contact information, then follow the link to Fastpath.

Fast path graphic.

Fast Path
Fast Path is where you quickly update the emissions of the facility. Click on Fast Path, then click Operating Rate Schedule. Follow steps 1 through 6 at the top of the page to fi nish entering
your data.

Throughput graphic.

Submitting your report
On the EIQ Submission Page, read through the instructions, and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page when you’re satisfi ed. If your report is not successfully submitted due to errors, call
the MoEIS help desk at 866-663-4748 to get help with corrections. If your report is successful, enter your email address to receive a PDF copy of your report, then print out form 1.0, sign and
return that form.