Hazardous Waste Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

Used Oil
Used oil is defined as petroleum-derived and synthetic oils which have been spilled into the environment or used for (1) Lubrication/cutting oil; (2) Heat transfer; (3) Hydraulic power; or (4) Insulation in dielectric transformers. The definition of used oil excludes used petroleum-derived or synthetic oils which have been used as solvents. (Note: Used ethylene glycol is not regulated as used oil under 10 CSR 25.)

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has adopted and amended federal regulations for used oil that provide strong safeguards against potential types of mishandling that may occur. The management standards cover all segments of the used oil recycling system. While generators are the largest segment of this industry, the most stringent standards apply to used oil processors, re-refiners and marketers because they handle the largest quantities of used oil. The standards are designed to encourage recycling while protecting human health and the environment.

This fact sheet describes the management standards for used oil processors, re-refiners and marketers under 10 CSR 25-11.279, which became effective on Aug. 28, 1994.

Processors and Re-refiners
Used oil processors and re-refiners are facilities that process used oil. Processing is defined as operations to either produce from used oil, or to make the used oil more amenable for the production of fuel oils, lubricants or other used oil derived products. Processing includes blending, filtering, distillation, separation and re-refining. Processing does not include incidental processing conducted by transporters or burners, or filtering or cleaning by a generator for onsite reuse.

Used Oil Marketers
Marketing occurs when a used oil handler sells used oil as a fuel. The used oil may be marketed as an offspecification fuel to a used oil burner or blended or processed to produce an on-specification used oil fuel to market to non-industrial boilers and furnaces. Fuel marketing can be undertaken by used oil generators, collection center operators, transporters, processors, re-refiners, and used oil burners.

Management Standards
Processors and re-refiners must meet the following standards:

Used oil marketers must comply with the following standards: