About the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

Missouri is blessed with natural resource diversity and abundance like few other states in the nation. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources protects our air, land, water, mineral, and energy resources; preserves our unique natural and historic places; and provides recreational and learning opportunities while promoting the environmentally sound operations of businesses, communities, agriculture, and industry for the benefit of all Missourians.

The department accomplishes its mission through the Division of Environmental Quality, the Division of State Parks, the Missouri Geological Survey, the Division of Energy, and the Division of Administrative Support. A number of boards and commissions also support and facilitate the department’s role and responsibilities.

Environmental Quality Our Air Resources photo

The Division of Environmental Quality protects our air, land, and water and assists communities and businesses in complying with current regulations. The division also helps Missourians prevent pollution and protects the public from harmful emissions, discharges, and waste disposal practices.

State Parks and Historic Sites

Missouri State Parks preserves and interprets the state’s most outstanding natural landscapes and cultural landmarks, while providing a variety of recreational and learning opportunities.

Geological SurveyOur Land and Soil Resources photo

The Missouri Geological Survey Division provides reliable scientific information and informed decision-making about Missouri’s wealth of natural resources, protects the environment, and encourages economic development. The division plans for Missouri’s comprehensive water needs by examining both surface and groundwater use and availability, ensures mined lands are reclaimed, and administers the Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety Law.


The Division of Energy promotes the use of diverse energy resources to ensure reliability, support economic growth, and achieve greater energy security for our future.