Hazardous Waste Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

Used Oil
Used oil is defined as petroleum-derived and synthetic oils which have been spilled into the environment or used for (1) Lubrication/cutting oil; (2) Heat transfer; (3) Hydraulic power; or (4) Insulation in dielectric transformers. The definition of used oil excludes used petroleum-derived or synthetic oils which have been used as solvents. (Note: Used ethylene glycol is not regulated as used oil under 10 CSR 25.)

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has adopted and amended federal regulations for used oil that provide strong safeguards against potential types of mishandling that may occur. This technical bulletin describes the management standards for used oil transporters and transfer facilities under 10 CSR 25-11.279, which became effective Aug. 28, 1994. The standards are designed to encourage recycling while protecting human health and the environment.

A used oil transporter hauls used oil to another site for recycling or disposal. Transfer facilities that are holding areas, such as loading docks and parking and storage areas, must comply with the transporter requirements when used oil shipments are held for more than 24 hours but no more than 35 days en-route to their final destination.

Used oil transporter standards do not apply to on-site transportation, generators who self-transport 55 gallons or less of used oil to a used oil collection center or to a used oil aggregation point, and householders and exempt farmers who transport their own used oil to a regulated used oil generator, collection center, aggregation point, processor, re-refiner or burner. All other used oil must be shipped with a used oil transporter having a Missouri Hazardous Waste Transporter License and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identification number.

Manifest Requirements
Used oil destined for recycling is no longer considered a state hazardous waste and does not require a manifest for shipping. Instead, the Transporter’s Used Oil Shipment Record found at the end of 1 CSR 25-11.279 is used.

Used oil that is not intended for recycling or that cannot be recycled retains the D098 designation. Low concentration polychlorinated biphenyl used oil that is destined for disposal retains the D096 designation. Shipments of D098 or D096 waste must be accompanied by a hazardous waste manifest.

Management Standards
Transporters must meet the following standards:

Additional Information
Related technical bulletins and inspection checklists can be obtained by contacting the Department of Natural Resources:

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