Solid Waste Management Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

Statute/Authority: 260.345 RSMo
Number of Members: 25
Number of Members Appointed by the Governor: 0
Number of Members Appointed by the Director:  5
Is Senate Confirmation Required:

Membership Composition:
The advisory board is composed of the chairman of each executive board of the 20 solid waste management districts and five other members appointed by the director. Two members represent the solid waste management industry and have an economic interest in or conduct activities with any solid waste facility or operation.  One of the two solid waste management industry members must represent a locally owned solid waste management business.  One member must represent the waste composting or recycling industry and the remaining two members are public members who have demonstrated interest in solid waste management issues.

Terms:  Solid Waste District Chairs: Period individual serves as solid waste management district chair.

Political Affiliation: No restrictions
Compensation: Do not receive a salary, but may be compensated by their solid waste management district or organization for actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred in conjunction with their service on the board
Geographic Consideration: Each state solid waste management district represented

Responsibilities of the Commission/Members
The advisory board advises the department regarding:

Staff Contact
Brenda Ardrey
1730 E. Elm St.
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Staff Assistant
Mary Ellen Hummel
1730 E. Elm St.
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Attorney General Office Contact
Tim Duggan
P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Staff Assistant or Chair of the Solid Waste Advisory Board