The following public service announcements may be downloaded for use by any newspaper, magazine, newsletter, radio stations, etc. The department will add new announcements to this Web page. If you would like to receive new announcements by email as they are made available, please contact Renee Bungart and provide your name and email address.

To print a hard copy:

  1. Click on PDF attachment
  2. Open
  3. View / fit in window
  4. File / print

* There is a box on mid right side of print window called "Auto-rotate and center pages". This box should be checked. This ensures that the ad is printed in center of page and not chopped off.

Sign up for our electronic media lists.The audio icon indicates files available in MP3 audio format. Radio stations have permission to download the audio files to broadcast. The indicates files available for print reproduction. If your newspaper would prefer another file format, please contact the department at 800-361-4827.

If you are downloading the department's PSA's we would love to hear from you. It's often difficult for the department to track the usage of our PSA's. If you have time, the department would appreciate receiving a quick email indicating the publication or station using the PSA.

If you didn't find the PSA you were looking for, send an email to let us know what Department of Natural Resources topic would interest your publication or station.  Back to list.