Waste Management Program

fact sheet

Division of Environmental Quality

Director: Kyra Moore

This fact sheet provides instructions for completing the Waste Management Program District Grant Invoice Worksheet. The worksheet is an Excel® spreadsheet. It is available on the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website.

Section 1

Pay to - Fill in the official name and address including city, state and ZIP code of the Waste Management District requesting funds.

Invoice Number - The district will need to use the following method for numbering invoices: The first digit of the invoice number should be the letter assigned to the district’s region (i.e., A – T). Followed by DG for “district grant”. The fourth through seventh characters should be the state fiscal year (i.e., 2009) and beginning with the number one (i.e., 1) incrementally increase by 1 for each invoice submitted by the district. The first invoice of State Fiscal Year 2009 for Region A would be: ADG20091 and the second invoice would be ADG20092, etc.

Number of Projects - Fill in the total number of projects for which funds are being requested.

Section 2

Project # - Ensure the district has assigned a sequential identification number including the district’s letter as the first character (i.e., U2009-1) for each grant listed on the invoice In the spaces provided for Project #, fill in the number assigned to each project for which funds are requested. Attach additional sheets, if necessary. Project Name – In the spaces provided, fill in the name used to identify each project. Attach additional sheets, if necessary.

Requested Amount – In the spaces provided, fill in the amount of funds being requested for each project. Only the allocation being requested from the Waste Management Program should be shown on the invoice. Do not include carryover amounts on hand at the district. Attach additional sheets, if necessary.

Total This Invoice – In the space provided, add the amount of funds requested for each project and fill in the total amount of funds requested.

Section 3

District Chairperson Signature – After reading the certification statement and agreeing that the data contained in the worksheet is correct, the District Chairperson shall sign and date the worksheet.

Section 4

This section will be used by Waste Management Program staff when determining the availability of funds and for authorizing payment.

Nothing in this document may be used to implement any enforcement action or levy any penalty unless promulgated by rule under chapter 536 or authorized by statute.

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