1. Time Frame and Categories
    1. The 2020 MissouriDNR Photo Contest runs from April 1 to Oct. 1, 2020.
    2. The photo contest includes the following three categories.
      1. Natural Resources: this category includes photographs of Missouri’s air, landscapes and waterways.
      2. Unique Places: this category includes photographs taken within one of Missouri’s state parks and historic sites. For a list of all parks and sites visit mostateparks.com
      3. People Enjoying Missouri’s Outdoors: this category includes photographs of people spending time enjoying and exploring Missouri’s great outdoors.
  2. Who May Enter
    1. This contest is open to amateur photographers; however, the employees of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources are not eligible to participate. There are no age restrictions.
  3. What You May Enter
    1. You may submit two photographs per category with a maximum of six total entries in order to increase your chances to win.
    2. You must select one of the three categories for each photo submitted.
    3. Do not submit duplicate photos in multiple categories.
    4. All photographs must be taken in Missouri.
  4. Technical Requirements
    1. All photographs must include photographer name, photo caption or title, contact information as well as the location and/or address information of the photo.
    2. Photos must be submitted in JPEG format and must be available as high-resolution files (preferred at 300 DPI with at least 2400 pixels on the long side).
    3. Applicants must submit a completed 2020 MissouriDNR Photo Contest Entry and Release Form for each entry. Minors must also submit a Parent Permission Form.
    4. Photos included in the Unique Places category must be taken within one of Missouri’s state parks or historic sites and must depict activities that conform to Missouri State Parks rules and regulations. Photos depicting unauthorized activities will be disqualified. For a list of Missouri state parks and historic sites, visit mostateparks.com.
    5. Photos must be your own original work.
    6. Please, no watermarks or added text. Photos that have been digitally altered, as determined by department as going beyond standard optimization, will be disqualified.
    7. HDR images will NOT be considered.
    8. If you are a semifinalist, the department will contact you to request a high-resolution file. If you are unable to produce an image of sufficient resolution, an alternate semifinalist will be selected.
  5. How May I Submit My Photo(s)
    1. Image(s)s may also be uploaded to the MissouriDNR Photo Contest website at dnr.mo.gov/photocontest. Image(s) must be uploaded by 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2020. Applicants must also complete the necessary online entry forms before uploading their photograph(s)
    2. Contact the department if you are unable to submit your images online or if you perfer to submit your photo by mail. Send an email to socialmedia@dnr.mo.gov or call 573-751-6892.
    3. If you are a semifinalist, the department will contact you through your contact information provided and request a high resolution photo. Don’t forget to check your email or voicemail.  
  6. Rights
    1. By completing the entry form(s) and submitting photo(s), the applicant is agreeing to the Official Contest Rules and will grant the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the right to use their photo entry(ies) for publishing, illustration, advertising, trade and promotion, or any other use in any medium for any purpose of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
    2. The applicant will hold the Missouri Department of Natural Resources harmless from any and all liability that might arise out of or result from the foregoing use.
    3. The applicants entry(ies) signifies the applicant will abide by all rules, including they will provide a true signature if my image is selected in the contest.
  7. Judging
    1. Entries will be judged on subject matter, composition, artistry, drama and technical excellence.
    2. A panel of judges selected by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources will select the top semifinalists in each category, from which the first, second and third place photos will be determined.
    3. Applicants are given the opportunity to enter multiple photographs to increase their chances of winning; however, a photographer will only be allowed to win first place in one category in order to increase others' chance to win.
    4. Winning photographs will be featured on the department’s website at dnr.mo.gov/photocontest, social media and displayed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
  8. Good luck to all!