About the Commission

Missouri Lewis and clark Bicentennial Commission Logo.
The Missouri Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission was charged with the mission to "Rekindle the spirit of discovery, achievement and wonder fostered by the original exploration." Pursuant to this task, the commission developed and coordinated an effective means for the State of Missouri to observe bicentennial commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. The Commission promoted the public awareness of the historical significance of the expedition related to the Missouri Territory. In addition, the bicentennial commission was a catalyst for accomplishing Missouri's Lewis and Clark Bicentennial capital improvement projects, programs and special events. The bicentennial projects and events were comprised of public (state, federal and local), private, and foundation projects.

Missouri River.

The executive director of the commission also served as liaison between the other 14 states participating in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. The commission served as a statewide umbrella for bringing together Missouri's communities, the National Park Service and other federal agencies as well as private groups planning projects and events. The commission reported (formally) to the Governor in October of each year.

The commission was authorized by Executive Order 98-06. Executive Order 03-01 added three more agencies to the commission. The bi-partisan members, appointed by the Governor, served a single term that expired at the conclusion of the commemoration in fall of 2006.