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The Spring River Watershed is a critical inter-state watershed in southwest Missouri.  Missouri shares this drainage basin with Kansas and Oklahoma, and it eventually discharges into Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, which represents a highly important recreational resource.  The Spring River watershed has some excellent water quality, but also has water quality impairments related to historical mining and agricultural runoff.  The department will work with several active watershed groups and local partners to identify opportunities for continued water quality improvements, to protect high-quality waters, and to address water quantity problems in that area  of the state.

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Spring River Watershed Summit 2013

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Harry S Truman Coordinating Council hosted the Spring River Water Summit and Watershed Tour, May 29th – 31st, in Joplin. The overall goal of Our Missouri Waters is to engage local watershed communities to help the department better target and prioritize funding and resources to preserve and protect water resources. The Summit served as a platform to open the dialogue between local stakeholders and agencies to inform, educate, and realize opportunities to collaborate. With nearly 130 local, state, and federal leaders gathered for the conference, nearly 40 watershed tour participants, and 14 exhibitors, the event was a great success.  Along with strong participation, the event was also supported by three financial sponsors, including Allgeier, Martin and Associates Inc., Environmental Task Force of Jasper and Newton Counties, and GeoEngineers Inc.   Presentations and other information presented at the Summit are available below. If you have additional questions, or would like to participate in the post-summit workgroups, please contact Gwenda Bassett at 417-888-4046 or Gwenda.Bassett@dnr.mo.gov.

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