May 13, 2020

Contact: Communications Office

DNR awards $600,000 grant to Linn for constructing new regional sewer connection

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, MAY 13, 2020 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded a total of $607,570 in financial assistance to the city of Linn to connect wastewater flow from the Jaeger Subdivision to the Linn wastewater treatment system. Provided through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Regionalization Incentive Grant program, this grant will fund 100% of the eligible construction costs for the project and is expected to be completed by April 2022.

The department’s Regionalization Incentive Grant is a competitive grant program that offers funding to municipalities as an incentive to construct connections for small, struggling facilities. The entities responsible for these small facilities often lack the financial and technical resources to upgrade their wastewater treatment facilities to meet more stringent limits and operate appropriately. These facilities typically serve such a small number of connections that the cost to comply with permit conditions is a significant financial challenge for the users.

“Thinking creatively and building new partnerships are becoming more crucial to progress and this grant helps facilitate regional partnerships that would not have been possible before,” said Carol Comer, director of the Department of Natural Resources. “Projects like the one in Linn develop infrastructure that benefits the local economy and protect public health and the environment.”

"The city of Linn is excited about this grant award,” said Linn Mayor Dwight Massey. “There are facilities in the region that want to eliminate the point-source impact they are having on the environment, but the cost of construction can be prohibitive. This grant will allow us to continue to serve not only those within the city limits but the regions nearby. It will allow us to improve our community beyond our boundaries and allow for continued, responsible growth of Linn and Osage County."

The department’s Financial Assistance Center is committed to working with communities to assist with water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects. This project will be funded wholly with monies received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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