June 23, 2020

Contact: Communications Office

DNR seeks public comment on proposed final remedy and draft hazardous waste permit for Expert Management, Inc.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JUNE 23, 2020 – The Missouri Department of Natural Resources invites the public to review and offer written comments on the proposed final remedy and draft hazardous waste permit for the Expert Management, Inc. facility until Aug. 3, 2020.

Expert Management, Inc. (EMI) operated a commercial chemical and explosives manufacturing facility at the site, located at 3078 County Road 180 in Carthage. The facility manufactured a variety of industrial-grade chemicals for the explosives industry until 2002 when operations ceased. EMI has decommissioned most of the buildings, except the main office and maintenance buildings necessary to coordinate post-closure care and corrective-action activities.

EMI currently is performing long-term monitoring and maintenance and conducting corrective-action and remediation activities at the site under a department-issued Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Facility Part I Permit and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-issued Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments Part II Permit. In November 2014, EMI submitted a permit application to renew and update its hazardous waste permit. In February 2016, EMI submitted a remedial action plan application requesting to include provisions in the permit to store and treat hazardous remediation waste at the facility using on-site composting. However, the remedial action plan activities were completed through interim measures and temporary authorizations while the Part I Permit was being drafted.

After a thorough technical review of the permit application, the department prepared a draft Part I Permit for the facility, which would require EMI to continue post-closure care for the regulated units and corrective action activities, and to implement the proposed final remedy. The draft permit also outlines the proposed final remedy, including limitations on property activity and use, which were established through enforceable environmental covenants. The department also prepared a Statement of Basis that summarizes the final remedy and the department’s basis of support for the proposed final remedy.

EPA decided not to prepare a Part II Permit, since EPA has no site-specific conditions for the facility beyond those contained in the draft Part I Permit and Missouri is fully authorized for all permitting, post-closure, RAP and corrective-action activities. In accordance with federal regulations the existing Part II Permit will remain in effect until the department issues a new Part I Permit.

The draft Part I Permit, Statement of Basis and a factsheet are available online at; however, some supporting documents are not available online due to their file size. The public can review and copy these and other supporting documents at: Joplin Public Library, 1901 E 20th St., Joplin; EPA Information Resource Center, 11201 Renner Blvd. in Lenexa, Kan.; or, the department’s Elm Street Conference Center in Jefferson City. If the library is not open, contact the department to request a CD of the documents. To review or obtain copies of the department’s files, please submit a Sunshine request at

Comments on the proposed final remedy or draft permit are more effective if they point out legal or technical issues or provide information that is not in the record. Please send written comments on the proposed final remedy and draft Part I Permit to Bryce Bobbitt, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Hazardous Waste Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176, or by email at

You may contact the department at any time to request to have your name placed on Expert Management’s facility mailing list. You will receive notices from the department or Expert Management on any major permitting and cleanup activities at the facility.

During the public comment period, anyone can request a public meeting or public hearing about the proposed final remedy or draft permit. For more information about the proposed final remedy or draft Part I Permit, or to obtain a written copy of the Statement of Basis or draft permit for review, please contact Bobbitt by telephone at 573-751-3068 or 800-361-4827. Hearing- and speech-impaired individuals may reach Bobbitt through Relay Missouri at 800-735-2966.