August 26, 2016

Contact: Communications Office

Live hummingbird banding at Montauk State Park on Sept. 4

Visitors are invited to join researcher and master bird bander Lanny Chambers as he captures and studies hummingbirds at Montauk State Park near Salem. The event will take place between 9 a.m. and noon Sept. 4 at the Hummingbird Garden in front of the Dorman L. Steelman Lodge.

Guests will be able to learn about the secret world of hummingbirds as they are banded and released by Chambers of Fenton. This event is free to the public.

Montauk State Park is located 22 miles southwest of Salem on Hwy. 119 in Dent County. For more information about the event, call 573-548-2225. Missouri State Parks is supported by the one-tenth of one-percent Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax, which accounts for approximately 75 percent of the budget to repair, improve and maintain state parks and historic sites. Missouri State Parks is a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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