January 04, 2019

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Department awards more than $80,000 to expand Callaway County Sewer District feasibility study

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JAN. 4, 2019 - The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has awarded $80,776 in grant funding to the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission to further develop plans for the Callaway County Sewer District. The grant allows the planning commission to expand upon a prefeasibility study completed in 2016 and to identify the optimal location to construct the district’s first centralized county wastewater system.

The expanded study area will address the wastewater treatment needs of additional residential and commercial occupants, and a centralized wastewater collection and treatment system is expected to increase economic development opportunities within the area. The Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission has identified the lack of wastewater infrastructure as one of the most significant barriers to economic development along
I-70 where Boone County borders Callaway County.

“Investing in these communities provides them with the proper infrastructure and necessary facilities to maintain a strong quality of life,” said Carol Comer, director of the Department of Natural Resources. “It also provides environmental benefits and positive economic impacts.”

Formation of the Callaway County Regional Sewer District was approved by voters on August 7, 2018. The feasibility study will provide county leaders with a clear plan for administratively and financially establishing the county sewer district, along with an outline for the initial phases of wastewater treatment consolidation to be undertaken by the district. Feasibility study contributing partners include the Callaway County Commission and the Callaway County Health Department.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 7 has provided funding for this project under Section 604b of the Clean Water Act. The Department of Natural Resources will administer the grant funds. The department is committed to supporting formation of water and wastewater system partnerships and to working closely with Missouri communities to improve water quality.

This grant is in addition to $78,911 awarded to the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments and $50,473 awarded to the Meramec Regional Council of Governments to conduct wastewater partnership feasibility studies.

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