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Missouri Resources magazine is published quarterly by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to inform readers about important natural resource issues and how they are being addressed. Missouri Resources is free to Missouri residents.

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Director Sara Parker Pauley

Director's Column

by Sara Parker Pauley

Picture a clear winter's day with not a cloud in sight - it must mean we are breathing clean, healthy air. How about a crystal clear Ozark stream of sparkling water - it must mean it is clean enough to drink. Continue reading >>


Capitol FossilsCapitol Fossils cover story photo

by Patrick Mulvany

Paleontologists say there are two places to find a fossil - in the field and in a museum. Missouri's State Capitol is clearly both the seat of government and a museum. The walls and floors made of Missouri limestone are filled with fossils, embedded and polished for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading >>  
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Winter Fun in Missouri State Parks Winter Fun in Missouri State Parks photo

by Tom Uhlenbrock

Missing are the spring peepers, summer whip-poor-wills and crunching fall leaves. The sensory extravaganze that awaits you during winter activities in a Missouri state park is breathtaking. The crisp silence seems to beckon sounds from miles away. Continue reading >>
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A Silver Celebration of Stream Teams cover photo

A Silver Celebration
by Susan J. Higgins

Founded in 1989, the first Stream Team hauled 14 tons of trash out of Roubidoux Creek in Pulaski County. Today, Missouri join the 96,000 volunteers and 4,800 Stream Teams in celebrating their service and success. Continue reading >>
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Explore Missouri, DNR News, Time Exposures, Stream Team Notes, Resource Honor Roll, Top Spots, Rock Matters, Did You Know Continue reading >>
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...butnotleast - Just the Beginning
by Jennifer Hoggatt

Our state waters and watersheds have a story to tell, and we're listening. Every body of water has a watershed; it's the land around it that drains into it.  Continue reading >>


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