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Missouri Resources magazine is published quarterly by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to inform readers about important natural resource issues and how they are being addressed. Missouri Resources is free to Missouri residents.

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Sara Parker Pauley photoDirector's Column
by Sara Parker Pauley

Gaylord Nelson created the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 as a means to increase environmental awareness across the country. Our natural resources were polluted and the beauty of this great nation began to diminish. Continue reading >>


Off-Road Tires feature photoOff-Road Tires
by Dee Goss

In 1990, war was declared on Missouri's illegal waste tire dumps. Thanks to the scrap tire fee, the battle is being won. Continue reading >>  


The Journey of Source Water photoThe Journey of Source Water
by John Fraga and Ken Tomlin

An interactive display at the Remington Nature Center in St. Joseph clearly illustrates the importance of source water protection.Continue reading >>  
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Learn2! photoLearn2!
by Tom Uhlenbrock

Why learn the hard way! With the right equipment and training you can hit the ground running in the great outdoors. Continue reading >>
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Missouri Geological SurveyMissouri Geological Survey McCracken Core Library story photo
by Carey Bridges

The McCracken Core Library and Research Center houses nearly 3,000 rock core samples from across the state. Continue reading >>

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Explore Missouri - Bridging Our History story photoExplore Missouri -
Bridging Our History

by Tom Uhlenbrock

Goldman, Mo. - Bring on the bridges. The Sandy Creek Covered Bridge has been restored to its picturesque beauty and once again will be a highly sought after location for wedding photography. Continue reading >>
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Top Spots to Spend the Night story photoTop Spots - Top Spots to Spend the Night

Missouri State Parks offers 40 campgrounds, and many parks have traditional cabins, but there is an additional experience available for park visitors to enjoy alternative lodging that is economical and comfortable. Continue reading >>
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MissouriDNR40 Photo Contest story photo...butnotleast - MissouriDNR40 Photo Contest
by Renee Bungart

Attention all shutterbugs and nature lovers! We would love for you to help us, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, celebrate our 40th anniversary by capturing and submitting your winning photograph of Missouri's outstanding natural resources.  Continue reading >>

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  • Time Exposures - Learn about threshers equipment
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  • Rock Matters - Learn about Chert
  • Did You Know - Learn about e-waste
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