Missouri is blessed with natural resource diversity and abundance like few other states in the nation. The quality of life for each Missourian can be closely tied to the health of our state’s natural resources. Missouri’s air, land and water resources play an important role in our quality of life and health and are essential to the environmental and economic vitality of our state.

Protection of natural resources is one area among many where the public has said…government should have a role… because our natural resources belong to all of us and we all depend upon these resources for our very life and livelihood.

Our Staff

It takes a truly passionate person to care for and protect our outstanding natural resources. A quality that many of our 1,500+ department staff encompass. Our commitment comes from believing that public service is a type of calling. We believe that what we do is serving a greater purpose – we are doing something for the common good. And because of that commitment and dedication from our staff, our agency has one of the lowest employee turnover rates of Missouri’s state agencies

We are glad you are also interested in helping the department protect our air, land and water; preserve our unique natural and historic places; and provide recreational and learning opportunities for everyone. With your help, we will continue to work to provide all Missourians a healthy environment in which to live, work and enjoy the outdoors!

Ready to Join Our Team? Learn about the Merit System

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources falls under the state’s Office of Administration’s Merit System application process. Applicants must complete an EASe application or Merit Electronic Application System, to be considered for a position within our agency. Before a merit system agency can consider you for employment, your name must be included on the job classification register that you are qualified for and would like to be considered. A register is a list of applicant names who have been determined eligible to be hired for a specific job classification.

With the exception of a few appointed positions such as department and division directors, all positions in the Department of Natural Resources are covered under the Merit System.

The merit application process may seem overwhelming - but don't worry - our staff can help you through the merit application process. You may email Tiffani Martin or call 800-361-4827 or 573-751-3443 to speak with a Human Resources staff member to help answer any questions you may have about completing the necessary paperwork to become eligible to join our team.

Explore a Simplified Flowchart of the Department's Hiring Process

Tell us More about You!

We want to learn more about you! Share your degree, job interests, resume' and transcripts with the department's recruiter so we may contact you personally about job opportunities within the Department of Natural Resources.

Upload your Resume' and Contact Information

Explore Our Class Titles

Before you apply for a merit position, learn more about the various class titles we hire within the department, the job specifications and requirements and view the pay grids for those positions.

Learn about the Department's Various Class Titles - you may click on the class titles on this website to read the job specifications and requirements for each specific position.

Explore College Degrees and Cooresponding Department Class Titles - you may click on this link to explore various college degrees and which class titles correspond with the degee.

Read Position Descriptions for each Class Title - this link will take you to the Office of Administration's entire list of merit class titles.

View the State Pay Grids - this link will take you to the Office of Administration's pay grid for all merit class titles.

How to Apply for a Merit Position

The first step to be considered for employment by an agency using the Merit System is to complete and submit an Application for Employment. 

Learn how to Apply for a Merit Position

Different positions within the Merit System require different methods to apply for those positions - paper or electronic EASe application. Visit the department's list of job class titles on our job opportunities website FIRST to determine if the position you are interested in applying for requires a paper or EASe application.

Visit the Department's List of Job Class Titles

Complete the Paper Application or Complete the Electronic Application System (EASe)

  • The completed paper Merit application is sent to the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel for evaluation, not to the department.
  • OA's analysts will evaluate an application and send you written notification of your results.
  • If you are submitting your EASe application you will receive your score; based on the information you provided; via email.  Eligibility will be verified during the hiring process. 

After You Apply

After you have applied, you will need to take a merit examination. The examination may be a written or oral skill test, an evaluation of education and experience, or any combination of these types.  After passing the examination your name will be added to a merit register.

If eligible, the individual's name and score are placed on a register (applicant pool) for 12 months. Applicants are required to contact Office of Administration, Division of Personnel before the 12-month expiration date.

When Vacancies Open

When a vacancy occurs, the Department of Natural Resources requests a certificate of eligible candidates from OA's Division of Personnel. The Department of Natural Resources will then send letters to eligible candidates included on the merit register to see if they are interested in the vacant position. The candidates must respond with the required information to be considered for the position. Be sure to include all documents requests in the letter. Based upon a review of the applicants resume and other materials provided, they may then be contacted for an interview.

You can view our current job opportunities, but remember for most positions you must be on a Merit Register.

Current Job Opportunities

Following interviews, selections are made from the top available applicants on the certificate. If you have applied or interviewed for a position within the Department of Natural Resources you may check the status of vacany position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional question and answers regarding the department's employment opportunities can be found in our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Factsheet