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The Governor's Conference on Natural Resources brought together speakers from across the U.S. The department will continue to post presentations and videos for those who spoke at the conference.

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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

  • Welcome from Director Sara Parker Pauley and Bob Stephens, Mayor, City of Springfield - Video
  • A Look Back - A Conversation with Four Former MoDNR Directors - G. Tracy Mehan, III, Stephen Mahfood, Doyle Childers, Moderated by Director Pauley - Video
  • Conservation from the Show-Me State and Across America - Collin O'Mara, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation
  • The Vital Role of States in Clean Energy - Bob Perciasepe, President, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions - Video
  • Environmental Protection and the Great Outdoors - Ramona Trovato, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters
  • Demographic and Economic Trends in Missouri: The Next 40 Years - Dr. Larry Brown, University of Missouri - Video; PowerPoint Presentation
  • 40th Anniversary Video - Exploring Our Legacy - Charting Our Future
  • Morning Wrap Up - Director Pauley - Video

Four Concurrent Sessions

  • Resource Management Challenges - Video Part 1
    • Advancements in Agriculture: Efficiency is the Name of the Game - Richard Fordyce, Director, Missouri Department of Agriculture; PowerPoint Presentation
    • Creating Prosperous, Healthy, Vibrant Communities - David A. Wilson, Senior Manager, East-West Gateway Council of Governments - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Water: Thirst and Balance - Gail Melgren, Executive Director, Tri-State Water Resource Coalition - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Water Quality and the Future of Streams in Missouri - Steven J. Herrington, Ph.D., Director of Freshwater Conservation, The Nature Conservancy - PowerPoint Presentation
  • The People/Natural Resource Connection - Video Part 1 / Part 2
    • Connecting People to the Great Outdoors: A High-Stakes Challenge for the Recreation Community - Derrick A. Crandall, President and CEO, American Recreation Coalition - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Why a Healthy Environment is Essential for our Well-Being and Health - Ramona Trovato, Acting Prinicipal Deputy Assist., Admin. EPA Office of Research and Development
    • Public Health Parners with Neighborhoods to Create Healthier Communities - Heather Parker, Springfield-Greene County Healthy Department - PowerPoint Presentation
    • What's in it for Me? - Dave Murphy, Conservation Commissioner
  • The Costs and Benefits of Natural Resources' Protection - Video Part 1 / Part 2
    • G. Tracy Mehan III, Former MoDNR Director and Assist. Admin. for Water, US EPA
    • Is There a Better Way? - Gene Schmittgens, Evans & Dixon - PowerPoint Slide
    • One City's Approach to Balancing the Environment and Affordability - Greg Burris, Springfield City Manager - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Missouri State Parks - A Billion Dollar Business and Much More - Dan Witter, D.J. Case & Associates - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Soil and Water Conseration Districs Help Preserve the State's Natural Resources - Gary Vandiver, Chair, Soil and Water Districts Commission - PowerPoint Presentation
  • Environmental Impacts of Extreme Events - Video Part 1 / Part 2
    • Climatic Realities and Uncertainties - Pat Guinan, MU Extension/State Climatologist - PowerPoint Presentation
    • Will Nature Embrace the Change? - Ken McCarty, Natural Resource Management Section Chief, Missouri State Parks - PowerPoint Presentation
    • The Role of Science in Preparing for and Responding to Natural Disasters - Joe Gillman, Director and State Geologist, Missouri Geological Survey - PowerPoint Presentation
  • Evening Welcome and Thank You - Director Pauley - Video
  • Evening Keynote Address and Awards Banquet - Gov. Jay Nixon - Video Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

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